Euro currency trading rooms -

trying out, and finding that trading rooms are hard to follow. sometimes the calls happen to fast to take advantage of. Not to say they can’t be done, but are trading rooms the way to go? I only trade the Euro, but can try any currency.

In my opinion, the way to go is to learn a system yourself and not rely on a trading room to give you signals. What happens if the room shuts down? Look for some systems that pros trade and go from there. Good Luck!

100% with you. I will do some more research and if i come across anything worthwhile i’ll let you know. If i had more time i would learn myself, and trial and error costs $$

Cool, look forward to learning what you find! Trial and error doesn’t have to cost money. Test your ideas on a demo account or get some forex backtesting software to get an idea of how a system might perform over a historical period.

i will make a trading room that you can join and i will tell you how to give me all your money. By telling you the winning trade I took just as I cash out.Imagine that its the same as the trading rooms you are in right now. Look I can not stress this enough you reap what you sow. If you are not willing to put in the effort to find you way reguardless if you tweak a system already on babypips (trust me there alot to choose from) to make it work for you. Or make you own off the many hours of research we that truly want to make it in this business have put in. Then you will always be right where you are now. It takes hard work and dedication to make it in this game dont kid yourself.

agree with you and Hugh 100%. I will investigate the wealth of information available here at babypips which is legit. I’ll tell you its not easy and i’ve lost countless dollars trying. Following an experienced trader is something i’ve yet to find. Do any exist out there! Yesterday i was searching the net and i signed up on yet another free trial on pips2win. Has anyone heard of this, if not all detail how it goes. Any feed back on this trading room would be appreciated.