Euro scalper pro EA Is legit or Scam? (Review)


Anyone have tried Euro scalper pro, They guaranteeing magical profit.

Anyone have tested this EA?, Is the legit profitable EA?

EA Website : euroscalperpro(dot)com

I have made some own analysis, i have contacted XM and asked about the trading account number which shown in result page of website, They confirmed it a Demo account not a lead account. I’m not sure why they using demo account instead of real account if there EA is really cool and profitable.

Anyone have tried this? Should i purchase this EA?.

Hmmm. :thinking: I haven’t personally used it BUT a “guaranteeing magical profit” is always a red flag for me. :thinking: But then again, it might be best to hear about it from those who have actually experienced it. :open_mouth: Here are some reviews.

I think the overall feedback is pretty mixed. :open_mouth: People seem to typically have a problem with their large drawdowns though. :open_mouth: So please be careful if you would ever go for it.,eye%20on%20significant%20news%20movements.

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Trustpilot have only 6 reviews, 50% bad, 50% good.

Small quantity of review on trustpilot can be faked.

Hoping someone here you have tried this EA in past and provide me a feedback about it.

Good to see you again @ria_rose and an excellent response too. :sunglasses:

As to the system - one reviewer says its a Grid - another says it’'s a Martingale - they are NOT the same thing.

We used to have a user rrram - who swore by the grid system - but he was really quite cryptic about his exact system and here’s a link to one of his threads

Sadly he is now banned as indeed are many of the more colourful (and Knowledgeable ?) characters.

His “system” was characterised by Large drawdowns ! and the big risk with large drawdowns is that the “drawdown” can quite easily extend to your entire account - as one of teh reviewers Ria-rose link said "blown $1000 in 2 weeks "?
Martingale can also Blow your entire account !

I have to say I was interested in Rrram’s stuff - but never understood it well enough to try it out and I myself would NOT Trade something I didn’t understand.

But on the upside - nobody seems to say it is a scam directly - but it is a method for generating money for the provider through “Affiliates” income and that means he gets paid whether you win or lose - the more people use teh system the more he gets paid.

So like all things in life - you pays your money - you takes your choice ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a neutral review just like politics

This is a big boy’s game - You want me to do it for you ?

We’ve both tried to help you to understand and shown you where to look and how to research.

YOU have to make YOUR OWN Decisions ! :wink:

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Dude, before i coming here, i already search on web even the source you both searched, even i made own analysis and talk with many peoples who commented on official facebook page of the EA and also i confirmed with XM(dot)com too about the trading account which they mentioned on result page of EA website and they also confirmed it true trading account but it demo account not real account.

Overall, i got 50% saying work and 50% saying not working. That why i came here someone from this forum who have tried this in past can give real feedback from his/her experience.

I can see your frustration but this Game is a place where we get to make bets on the basis of incomplete information - Some people can take responsibility for their own decisions - Other people have so little confidence in their own judgement that they need somebody to blame if things go wrong.

Let me say that IF I had used that system and seen your posts on this thread - I would NOT tell you my results because I know full well that if you then lost money - you would be back here blaming me for your loss !

Like I said This is a Big Boy’s Game - make your own decisions !

I’m not frustrated & i’m not hear to blame anyone but i am looking for legitimate review.

Anything thank you for your help.

As you also see in the reviews: it’s scam

Hello traders.
So the question for the big circle - does anyone have a working EA for MT4? Rob, what are you happy with yourself ?
Could be a win rate of 75%+.
I would also be willing to pay.
Toomas , Tallinn

Why mt4? It’s 20 years old and a dream for scam brokers.

I’ve got a 70% plus win rate bot, but why would you trust anything that you didn’t make? I’m not selling anything because I don’t want arguments when somebody uses it incorrectly, but here’s the link for your interest A Journey Into Automated Trading - #33 by chesterjohn

I have some working EAs and I’m happy with it.

That’s actually what it was originally invented for. And still the main reason for its survival, today.

Wow, Your ready to get scammed by someone.

Nobody sell the EA if it profitable for them. I have working EA, i can sell that because it not always profitable.

This made me chuckle. :sweat_smile: Hahaha. You’ve thought of selling it before? Haha.

That a Truth! :stuck_out_tongue: . At-least not selling like other by saying 100% Profit Guarantee :slight_smile: