Euro usd candlestick pattern analysis

Hey all, Duane here, DRFXTRADING.

Gonna be starting a thread here dedicated to the EURO USD, based on my way analysing and trading that you will see in my other threads. Candlestick Signals and Patterns on the Daily and 4 Hour Charts will be the tools used.

So lets get started.

This EURO bad boy been in a Pennant for quite awhile…Daily Chart…

This explains most of the crazy moves that been happeniing over the last several months, like that on Thursday. Even though it was set off by the ECB action, these setups often have these erratic moves as they move from Support to Resistance.

Sometimes these setups can lead to losses with these types of news and crazy moves etc.,

But sometimes when you catch them at the right time with the right setup…you can take your pound of flesh from them.