Euro/usd this week?

Hi I’m new to forex trading, I had the pleasure of starting my live trading at the beginning of this week going long on the Euro/US. Thankfully I didn’t go in with too much of my capital and have lowered my average price to 1.55600, any suggestions? Do you think this upcoming week the price will go up or continue to drop. Also please feel free to redirect me to another site or thread where I can get at least a decent indication. I like “pippin aint easy” 's daily forecast, the problem is it’s not daily, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Here are my predictions for EURUSD this week. I do a weekly forex blog every weekend with my predictions for the week, and at the end of the week I review how things went.

“EURUSD 1.5556 – BUY LIMIT @ 1.5483. T/P @ 1.5771. S/L 1.5350.”

So basically I think it will dip back a little bit at the start of the week, and then continue the uptrend.

thanks for the reply, I’m gonna follow you’re advice and hopefully you’re right. Btw you have a nice blog, gonna check it out from now on, I tried to post a comment but it didn’t work, just thought u should know.

They have a thread for EUR/USD in this forum under The Currency Spot, however if you want to follow what others say, I suggest you do it in a demo account first until you are sure the trade ideas you are following are working well for you.

And of course, the best is to learn how to do this yourself, you may still follow the suggestions of others but you will have a clearer idea why YOU are in the trade and more importantly, when to get out.

On this forum there are quite a few skilled traders sharing their trading ideas, but not all may work for you, it will depend on your account size, trading style, experience level, time available and other factors.

Safest is to demo first :wink: