European broker

Hi everyone,

I want to start trading with a small capital first (€/$500). I am located in the Netherlands, Europe, and am fine with the 30:1 leverage, since this also reduces the risk of losing my capital, for this reason I am not looking for an off-shore broker.
It doesn’t have to be free, because nothing is ;), but with such an small amount the spread etc. should not be too high since this would squeeze the profits.
If there are people in Europe who like their broker, please let me know!

You could take a look at FPMarkets EU. It is a subsidiary of FP Markets in Australia. The parent company is regulated by ASIC and the EU subsidiary is regulated by Cysec. They have some good write-ups, good spreads, fast execution, and good client service.

But there are others , of course! :smiley:

Thanks! I will surely take a look

Make sure you look at their FPMarkets EU site. They also have an offshore subsidiary and it is easy to get them mixed up.

Even if it’s an off-shore subsidiary, I don’t think there ought to be any difference. As a matter of fact offshore brokers come with fewer regulations.

That is exactly the reason why one should consider very carefully before choosing an off-shore broker. There are many examples of brokers that deliberately operate out of off-shore centres in order to avoid the prying eye of regulatory authorities and so can be totally irresponsive to any issues regarding withdrawals, widening spreads, cowboy prices, etc.

But in this case, where it is a big company with a parent company in a well-regulated region, there is little likelhood of such problems. But why take the risk if there is a better regulated alternative unless there is a specific benefit such as higher liquidity that one is looking for! :slight_smile:

Agreed and I too trade with IG as my off-shore trading partner and that’s hardly different from turnkey forex that’s my European broker. But now that @Levi23 asked for European broker, turnkeyforex seems to be a good option with low spreads, fast execution, and technically advanced tools and instruments.

So do they accept US clients too?

I think they do. In fact, you can speak with their customer support team that’s really professional and fast with responses.

Is turnkey broker regulated once? Do tell about the regulation also so that funds will be safe.

Instead of turnkey, I recommend trading with FP Markets an ASIC broker because the spreads are tighter and stable in FP Markets than in turnkey.

I trade from France with a couple of EU brokers, FP Markets and CMC. I would recommend these instead of turnkey because they offer better trading conditions and lower commission fees.

They ain’t regulated but safe in terms of funds & services. Been using them for many years.

Are you sure off-shore brokers wouldn’t be a good choice?

FP markets is certainly not ASIC regulated. They have 3 companies, 1 in st. vincent and 2 in cyprus I believe

I would suggest to consider Tickmill or Hotforex I personally trade major pairs with them and can say that transaction costs are pretty low and trading conditions are generally competitive.

I think working with FBS is both easy and smooth. In my opinion, they’ve ideal trading conditions. One of the most valued aspects of FBS is the good quality of the analysis it offers to traders. They seem to have a good analytical department. This is something that I’ve been able to verify through my own experience with the Broker and it can even be read in various sources. They have two types of accounts in Europe; Cent which you can open from 10 Euros and Standard from 100 Euros. If you browse their page you will realize that it is highly developed and you can find everything you need there.

Fx view is the best one for the EU. Also, the lowest cost.