EURUSD Analysis - Nubie

Good day all, i`m a nubie here.

Just would like to share the EURUSD analysis according to my trading method.

For the week of 11/1 - 15/1, the price will move around 1.0810 / 1.0870 towards 1.1010.
Monday and Tuesday potentially will be downtrend to 1.0870 / 1.0810 as the weekly low.

All the best

Are you forecasting an uptrend for the Euro?

Uptrend ,yes.


The price open high towards 1.0968 and reverse bearish to 1.0870 as per my my calculations.
If by US session open and price remain above 1.0870, then I expect it to go higher.

But if it break below 1,0870, the last stop remain at 1.0810.

Based on my own technique which focuses on daily forex cycle and the pair behavioral pattern.

I was late in updating the forecast for today, which is between 1.0830 towards 1.0930.
The next 2 days (Wednesday) will go uptrend as per my weekly analysis


Looking for bullish from 1.0818 towards 1.0918.

I expect it will go down to 1.0800 first.

Yes it did roughly as per my first 2 days calculation, and thus now it has move upwards.

I have profited 100 pips today, from entry of 1.0817 and 1.0830 and floating profit from 1.0810 (swing)

Today, looking forward for price to move between 1.0857 towards 1.1010.

So bad. Because of ECB meeting it couldn’t reach 1.1010 and make me lost 25 pips.

Lost 25 pips?

Price did not reach 1.1010 this week, but that does not mean it won`t next week.
Either way, the price did go where I have planned it would at the end of the day

This week using my own trading method allows me to gain more than 500 pips.
Look forward for another 500 pips next week.

This week closing is not as what I expected thus the final week will be very interesting.
For the new week (18/1- 22/1), it`s potentially bearish from 1.1010 towards 1.0810.


Expecting bullish from 1.0890 to 1.0990.


Expecting bearish from 1.0915 to 1.0815

When it comes to the main currencies I usually look at sentiment from some seven samples for retail traders as well as for institutional and large hedge funds to get an idea in which direction spikes might occur.

Dont underestimate such days, low liquidity means that A LOT of movement can happen because even smaller “big” orders can have a huge impact on the market. I have seen it several times during christmas at the 25. 26. December that HUGE moves occurred. Low liquidity does not mean low volatility at all, but risk of HUGE volatility if just a few big orders come in that would normally not move anything during a highly liquid market but do 100 pips move on a low liquid day. Hedge funds often use such opportunities like today… I except a huge up-move today while everyone is gone, its the perfect opportunity today for many people that trade. Just slowly unwinding a few millions big order all 30 seconds will make this thing move a lot and make the “unwinder” a lot profit, compared to high liquidity times.