EURUSD Analysis (ongoing)

Hey everyone, thought I’d start an ongoing EURUSD analysis thread. Feel free to share any analysis. I’ll try to pop on and share ideas weekly :slight_smile:


I’ll kick things off :stuck_out_tongue:

EUR/USD 09/12/19 - Nice sell to end Friday last week.

RSI looks oversold and eyeing up further move upwards.

In a buy this morning and eyeing the 1.11 level for tp.

EUR news looks bearish fir the currency but USD also devaluing.

Tech analysis looks like a buy until around 1.11 then maybe retracement to floor of new uptrend.

How you all trading it? :slight_smile:


Awesome buddy I’m watching! Got my own thread going too.


The follow up!
I’ve been posting these but ins all the way from the bottom of the range at 1.22000

The last breakout saw us gain a reasonable amount of pips and now price is testing a new ceiling. My previous trades are closed out and we will now likely see a retracment to support. However momentum may be strong enough to push through its next ceiling by this week so I will be watching closely in the event of another breakout. Of it retraces I will be taking buy positions back at 1.29700 if we get that far.


Awesome ill keep watching :slight_smile:

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Cheers for the analysis guys, will keep an eye on the thread for updates :slightly_smiling_face:

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Niiice! :smiley: Keep it up and good luck! :blush:

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On completion of the complex head and shoulder this pair finds support and in looking at low risk long term potential buys from this point. Observing price action after the psychological rejection of whole level 1.09000 I’m looking for establishment of higher highs and lows to enter.

A buy I’m certain with a break above your S1 level , purly on Technicals like your breakdown sir :ok_hand:

I would definitely wait for it to breach resistance on this long term descending wedge pattern before buying though. I’ll be looking at a long term short if it bounces.

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Hell of a move this week, hope everyone got in on the buys. Just took profit today from buys on monday :stuck_out_tongue: How you all do?

EUR/USD - Well this strong uptrend has been fun to trade
looks like it might be tipping to the sells though I’m still holding onto a buy, might jump ship
Anyone have any ideas to counter the uptrend? How you all trading it?

u got agressive selling with low volume at the bottom, then a fake break of 61.8 fib and selloff, with not much vol to be honest, meaning it didn t took much effort from the bears to send it down since buyers are scarse. and now it s going down on low volume, there s very little buying going on. atleast that s how i see things. untill some nice volume shows up stopping the down move, sells only for me

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low vol at the bottom, 50 to 61.8 retrace, looking for shorts if i see some rejection at that fib area or unless something changes

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Happy new year all, though i’d drop more analysis here to get things going :slight_smile:

EUR/USD (02/01/20) - In a sell from 1.123 and gonna hold it, looking at support around 1.11 though ready to jump back on the buys and tp at any time.

Nice buys from beginning of the weak due to weak dollar, long term and going into next week looking for buys.

“The reason for the fall of the greenback is not the weak U.S. economy but safe-haven liquidation”, good to know and EUR economy looking positive.

How you all trading? Further to go? :slight_smile:

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weekly pinbar, daily fake break of that upthrust that was on high vol compared to recent background(heavy selling in my opinion).plus top of the weekly channel, previous daily resistance and we have almost a nice bearish close below the previous day s open.

4hr bearish divergence and 1hr break of th channel, effort to rise followed by a bearish engulfing closing at the lows, i d wait for a pullback to a smaller(fractal) fib and short it(ofc unless something changes. the pic for EU looking very bearish/.
cheers and happy new year all

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Good looking charts :slight_smile: That retracement was a nice sell after.

EUR/USD (07/01/20) - Got out of buys yesterday at 1.12 tp, looking for further buys today.

Probably a good time to buy now off fib retracement.

Nice uptrend forming short and long term.

We are also in a full reversal from a large downtrend that started in 2018.

EUR news has been supportive and has been coming in stronger than expected.

USD seems to be very unsuportive with the events in Iraq and least we forget US/China trade relations.

Think the bulls have it, how you trading? :slight_smile:

let s see where that 4hr candle closes. as for the 1hr chart there s some buying in there for sure, but everytime they try to push higher it s getting squashed back down, and this last candle closed lower then the previous open. which might indicate a no demand if this 1 confirms by closing lower, then i might expect a run back down to those lows again. still the volume that s showing up of the lows not convincing to go long just yet, atleast imo. judging from weekly and daily i m still bearish unless something changes, i guess i ll have to see how this weekly candle gonna close and the volume that goes with it, but so far i m seeing weakness which most of the times screams lower prices to come(most of the times, not all the time).

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update 4hr and 1hr candle closed at the lows with a nice volume increase. unless we have some major vol causing a pin with a bullish reaction i wouldn t go long, only shorts for now

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4h candle is good,i use atom tool for analysis search google as “atom tool for forex”

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