EURUSD: Buying opportunity?

Hello traders,

Do you think it’s a good opportunity to buy this dip on EURUSD, at this 50 fib of weekly chart?

I would like to see it break above 1.3000 first before turning bullish.

I see a current trading range between 1.29 and 1.30 so possibly buying on a dip to 1.29 would be a lower risk trade.

This was my take on the EUR/USD situation.

Here is what i am currently looking at for USD/JPY

Nice charts, although I am more interested to see USDJPY heading towards 121.90/80 first.

Regarding EUR;

The pair just tested 1.3000, and after two tests of pivotal 1.2897, 4hr turned bullish and daily is slightly bullish, I will take longs above 1.3000 as this would be a good alert that broader trend is resuming.

I think the EURUSD is heading for a test of 1.2820 which marks 61.8 Fibonacci level of the recent rally 1.2482-1.3363.

I leave little odds for long from here, but I would certainly go long if EURUSD breaks 1.3051 on the upside. :slight_smile: In that case it would be early signal for acceleration towards 1.3363 trend high.

I’m getting sea sick on this eurusd 1.2900-1.3000 ride its been two weeks now?:frowning:

Yup but today look like you will be cure :). We broke 38,2% and heading towards 23,6.



Looks like it’s going to curve again now. At least that’s what everyone seems to think.