EURUSD Channel Analysis

I am looking at posting some analysis I do in EURUSD on 1 minute charts.
Basically I don’t pretend to know where the market is going but in the first 2-3 hours of Europe I try and pick potential bounce points. I may well be both long and short at some point looking for a break of the current channel.I will be posting my levels for going long and short and then doing projections for where I think it might go if it goes higher or lower. If we test the top or bottom of a channel after taking a position I will take my position to breakeven. If we reach my profit target I will scale out half the position and let the rest run with further analysis.Here is an example of what I look at from today but tomorrow I will be posting the charts prior to taking positions.Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments.
Target for initiating position

Target for take profit

Numbers 1 and 2 are the initial channel and 3 is the projection

Do you only use M1 charts?

What is your intention here, why you post your analysis at this forum? There are so many other places where you can share your analysis.

Hi Rambo
Sorry I just joined babypips, where should I post it? As I am a Newbie I am not sure the best place to do it.
And to Forex verified, yes I only do short term analysis using M1 charts. Some of the principals work for longer time frames but I can keep a pretty good running average with the short term just when Europe opens.

I am going to start positing my channel analysis on the Forextown forum instead of here. Hope some people find it useful when I start.