EURUSD Long Setup

Waited to see if the 0.99 support would hold. It’s looking like a strong support level for now.

Entered long at 1.0012

TP1: 1.00857
TP2: 1.01723
SL: 0.989

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Same thinking. You worried about news tomorrow and Friday affecting your setup?

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It’s same my view. I did buy EURUSD this morning at 1.00245.

What I see is a large consolidation zone. Until the Ukraine war is concluded satisfactorily by both sides - which is not in sight right now, I can only see limited reactions to any significant media reports.

Having said that, the Euro is strengthening this week owing to alternative energy sources being traded, instead of being held hostage by Russia. Nevertheless, the EUR/USD remains in a continuing downward trend.

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It just has a short recovery I think. When I look at weekly and monthly chart, yes, EUR/USD is still in continuing downtrend.

Got stopped out of my EURUSD trade. Looks like @steve369 is right about this as a consolidation zone.