EURUSD Parity?

Is EURUSD approaching Parity??

Not at the moment, but it will probably go there eventually. The question is whether that will happen this year.

what does it mean?
EDIt: It’s predicted that EURUSD could go about 1.23 (economists say that), but I’m more skeptical in these predictions.

If FED increase interest rates and ECB keeps their current policy - maybe, perhaps. But from sentiment standpoint = there are lot of sell positions in EUR/USD from large speculators. Eventually when they start taking profit we’ll see a sharp move upward, which may be the first thing to happen before (if) reaching parity.

They did increase interest rate. Stock markets are going down since the New Year Eve. In my opinion, we are back in black (the US is in recession). (And I think I will go long with gold and long on EURUSD because USD will lost its power these months, that’s my hypothesis. I don’t think it will ever meet parity.)

The only way to meet a parity may be a war somewhere, in order to fuel the economy.

Didn’t U.S interest rate hike get pushed back till June? EUR has tried several times to break the 1.1000 mark since November without success. I’ve gone short on the EUR/USD and I think it will drop to the 1.0600 mark.

That’s true. The problem is that stocks are going down for two weeks and if it continue USD will not be strong to hold on 1.09, in my opinion.