EURUSD seems to be leading the way lower

I’m seeing a lot of bears working very hard on the EUR.

Yeah. :thinking: I’ve also been watching this pair and it seems that it could go even lower in the coming days. Do you have any open positions for EURUSD?

Yes I have an open position and it was a big loser after last weeks CPI report, but I did not stop out of it. It’s getting pushed down hard as I type this. Which is cold comfort since I’ve been holding since the CPI news release last week where I took a beating. It’s been less than a week and I’ve recovered most of my losses from being long USD in a few pairs last week.

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An updated chart

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I’m tempted to short now just to bag a few pips. :thinking:

I suggest wait for a green bar. Catch it on a pop up. If you look at the long term chart EUR keeps reliably going down.

I wish you all the luck!


I think going long in EURUSD does make sense as risks for EU economy recede also Fed rate path is increasingly looking not so hawkish as for example a month ago.

There’s going to be huge support around 1.0 which the talking heads on Bloomberg will call parity and make a big deal out of it. So even though I personally believe it will go below 1.0 and keep going down eventually, there is going to be a lot of support there which makes that a natural Take Profit level.

Just my $0.02, adjusted for inflation of course. LOL