I am trading the EURUSD on 5 minute charts. anyone want to discuss?

im trading this, but on the 4h …I went long.

I went long too also long today.
I am a new trader. 6 months only. just going for 12-20 pips per day on mini contract of $1 per pip.

How is your trade turning out Joe?

This is what I’m trading. Short EUR/USD myself at 1.4160 shooting for 1.4075.

I had a rollercoaster ride this morning.

I did 5 trades on the 5 min chart

first three netted me -40 pips

next two netted me exactly +40 pips and I shut down for the day.

I went long on three

I went short on two.

what a day

Oh well, some days we’re just thankful to break even :smiley:

Tomorrow should be a much more exciting day with NFP and the ECB rate announcement.

Have my trades set for overnight, and plan to get out before both news events. Short eur/usd and gbp/usd.

EUR/USD just popped back on my radar screen. Every now and then I will start watching SSI data to watch for potential breakouts, but EUR/USD has been in such a large range since May.

So this is what I’m seeing and anyone else can let me know why this is such a terrible trade to make :smiley:

The three horizontal lines are from the fibonacci retracement (~1.61 to ~1.2650). EUR/USD ssi is currently at -1.81. I think I’ll wait to see if SSI can increase to around 2.5 as the market continues to hang around near resistance. EURUSD Forecast to Rise Further and Test 1.45

But again I’m open to what other people are seeing/trading.