Time frame H1
My bias is buy and I set buy stop at end of W1 and stop loss is at the start of the W1.
My target is 1.618 , 2.618 , 4.236
In my opinion it is the best oprtunity for start of the year.
Happy trading.

order triggerd.

near the big trend line.

The market is at 1.3370 and I close all my positions,
with +231 pip.
I sold the market at this point 1.3370 with SL: 1.3409 and my target is at 1.2996.
if my stop loss touch , I have -40 pip.
Happy trading .

I move My Stop loss to 1.3370 (BE) :44:
my potential tp is 1.2996 .
Happy Trading.

rollin with you again.
:slight_smile: week ago burned my first deposit, felt like loosing viriginity :smiley: but up back.

good pipasir…
do not forget MoneyManagement.

close half at 1.3284 = +86 /2= +43 pip :slight_smile:
and BE

Hooah :slight_smile: great trade! +72 pips.

I buy EURUSD at 1.3270
sl: 1.3217
tp: 1.3394

close half at 1.3300
and move stoploss to 1.3255
Happy trading

close at 1.3370

Pls can you tell us the basis for your exiting final position?? i’m still long this pair , is there something i’m not seeing??

I see the market is near the top and near the round number .
I don not want to change your idea. it is my opinion only.

I sell this pair at 1.3372
stop loss : 1.3409
tp: free

1.34 is a round number but i don’t think it’s a strong resistance area as price have not bounced off this area several times to make a case for strong resistance(see daily TF for confirmation), price just happened to bounce off this area the last time…This is my opinion too.

tkx for letting me know the basis for your exit

close half at 1.3294 = +34 pip
and BE

close all position
I buy at 1.3302 with sl : 1.3269
tp: 1.4020

I have open short position at 1.32948 eurousd. Any suggestions

I close at 1.3342 = +40 pip
I sell at 1.3342 with stop 1.3409 tp:1.3