Everyone looks at Gold, but what about Silver?

Hello everyone, in times of trouble when we all try to secure gains, most of us look at gold but very few can think beyond XAUUSD. Well, we thought we might take a look at XAGUSD for a change. Here’s what we found.

Just like its competitor, XAUUSD, it follows a nice upward trend, flirting with the 12.80. It may be a good time to BUY, yet it’s difficult to predict its next moves. Please consider the associated risks before trading. [edited for Forum policy violation]

Silver is usually the leader. However most traders don’t know that.



If the economy is going to improve then yes silver will lead but if the outlook remains bad silver will fall faster than gold.

Silver is much more an industrial commodity than safe haven in the eyes of many.

However me still thinks we’re going to bottom this move in August with a silver spike down to about $8 - 10.

The commercial shorts haven’t been covered by a long way yet

While anything can happen usually the COT commercials need to cover and go net long before any up move of substance begins.

Good point @Johnscott31, thanks for your input. What does everybody else think?