Everyone's excited about BTC again!

Hellooo! :smiley: It seems like crypto is doing pretty well again, a lot of people are excited about it. :blush: A lot of my friends who didn’t sell their coins have resurrected. :sweat_smile: How about you guys? :smiley: Have you thought about getting back into crypto?

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Hi my friend.

I never got out of it. But BTC and ETH have grown so fast I need to rebalance my portfolio. High time I built up some USDT again, I think. It’s been a lovely few days. Billion dollar question, when is the retracement due?


I thought about you when I read about the crypto moves recently! :smiley: Must be very exciting. :blush: I know you never stopped believing in them, and look at the prices now WOW :smiley:

Well. :sweat_smile: For this one, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. What are your plans for the next coming days? :smiley:

Hi which coin is good for mining

Hmmm. :thinking: Mining is quite expensive and time-consuming. :open_mouth: Do you have plans to invest in mining equipment though?

I need to educated

Hmm. :thinking: Maybe you can check out the school of crypto here first before you invest in crypto and a mining rig? :blush: You can check this out and if you have questions, there are members who are also into crypto who can surely help you. :blush:


It’s better to give me now

Oh. :open_mouth: Sorry I’m not sure if I’m the best person to recommend a particular coin to mine cause I’ve never mined before. :open_mouth: But at the top of my mind right now, I would say maybe I’d stick to BTC or ETH. :sweat_smile:

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Lol love the direct request :joy:


Haha, for sure! Hodlers are celebrating right now. As for me, I’m in the group of folks who missed out on the buying spree when it was down.:see_no_evil:


I hate to tempt fate but I am gearing up to remove my entire original investment from crypto back to fiat land. Just having difficulty finding the way to offramp some currency. Not sure - I need some help on that from my buddies. If I do achieve this, I will create a post about it. It will be a major milestone in my trading history.


I never closed my positions, but I never added either. I didn’t want to risk any further. I had already put a good amount in, and one must consider the possibility of loss. Never risk what you’re not willing to lose. I was pretty much at my limit already. And my remaining funds I wanted to hold on to for trading.

Even though crypto is tempting, my focus must stay on forex.

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I wasn’t sure how to respond tbh :sweat_smile: HAHAHA. I hope he got some though!

Well, looks like you’ll get the chance again. :blush: I’m just waiting for it to fall a bit more before I get in and buy. :thinking: I wonder how low it will go though.

Definitely! :open_mouth: How are you doing with this plan? Hope you were able to move ome of your crypto investment before the revent fall. :open_mouth:

Love the dedication, dushimes! :blush: Trading crypto is very tempting for a lot because of the high and quick profits. :open_mouth: Were you able to withdraw from your crypto investment during the price surge? :open_mouth:

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I’m able to, but I’m holding for now. It’s a long-term thing for me, as of now. I’m not in a rush. How about you? Holding?

Hi, in time I will probably create a post about this, but with a little help from my nephew (who is far more active in crypto than I am) I sold out the entire original investment in crypto Monday 4Mar24 between 14:00 and 15:00 hrs and it took in total about 24 hours to move from crypto land to GBP and then from GBP to fiat world (my bank account). The significant milestone is that I now have zero funds invested in crypto but the size of the fund is more than 100% of my original investment. I rewarded myself by buying into XTP again (not recommended for the faint hearted) at 3.3 satoshis per XTP token. This is purely a gamble but to put it bluntly, if XTP were ever to return to its ATH of 142,000 satoshis, that would be a 42,000X! I am content to wait it out, in the true plan of my newly named shootcoin team portfolio, until it doubles to 6 satoshis, sell half of it, rinse and repeat with shootcoin components that cost me nothing. I just did the same with a tongue-in-cheek BONK trade. Only kept it for 14 days until it doubled, then sold half of it back to USDT, ready for the next shootcoin opportunity. I do not expect this current market activity to stay for long and I do expect a 30% retracement of BTC. If that happens, I can ladder back in. If it doesn’t happen, I am peaceful with the result that I am “all out” with cash back to the fiat world. I needed the cash for the massive one off cost of moving home for the first time in 25 years, and isn’t that a great reason to justify participation in crypto? Loving life. :slight_smile:

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