Excited to start

Hi everyone new to all this , can’t wait to start learning

which in simple terms is, can’t wait to make easy money.

Unfortunately, FX trading is far from easy, and why over 76% of newbies blow their accounts or drop out. That’s the reality, not social media ■■■■■■■■.

Think your being abit rude there you have no idea who I am or what I’m about , I know full well to get where I want to be will take a lot of hours and hard work which is something I’ve done my whole life . So please who ever you are do not judge me on one sentence I’ve said !!! Not that I need to justify myself to a keyboard warrior !!!

Hello and welcome to the forum @bendrive86!!

Check out this post, It might help you with your learning,

Apologies bendrive86 - I had a bad day yesterday, and I took it out on you.

If you’re open for advice, first and foremost learn HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY. This is critical to being successful trading FX. It’s emotional control that overrides anything else that you will learn on your journey to becoming proficient.

And the lack of that, is why the majority of newbies blow their accounts and/or drop out by overtrading, revenge trading and gambling. I hope your work ethic will provide you with the specialist skills that you’ll need to become one of the minority who are successful.

Best of luck. Regards, steve369.