Exit strategy and wallet

I keep my crypto on a ledger hardware wallet. I have heard about a trust wallet also. Is this mainly used if you trade crypto?
With the hardware wallet is this mainly used for long term holders?
If say my crypto went to an all time high in the next bull run and it was stored in a hardware wallet, the process to transfer it to an exchange isn’t the quickest and in that time the price might drop. I’m just hypothetically thinking here.
So what do people do if you store your crypto in a hardware wallet and say want to take profit quickly? What are the steps? I heard don’t transfer straight from hardware to exchange go via trust wallet and then uniswap and put into a stable coin like USDC?
Interested to hear what everyone does in this situation?
Thanks :blush:

Hi swifty44

Wow, you’ve been a member on here since 2019 and this is he first time you’ve posted, thats an awful long time.

Anyway, welcome to the forum.

I’m interested in hearing more about what a hardware ledger is and how it works? I have some crypto in a Binance wallet, but was wondering if I should perhaps move it somewhere more secure and was wondering what the process is for that and how it all works.

Yup because it’s basically in cold storage and you can’t do anything with that.

Correct but it’ll be the safest place from platforms dying or the next big crypto hacking event.

This might be helpful