Exotic pairs which broker offers them

Hi there.
I was wondering which brokers are offering more exotic currency pairs, like EUR/BRL or EUR/MXN.
I couldn’t find much on the internet, except charts.
Are interest rates tend to get higher, I was looking into those pairs.
I know that they are less liquid, but nonetheless.

Probably better off finding which brokers offer conditions you’re happy with on review sites and then looking into each individually as they should offer that information on their sites or customer service can advise.

Na, seems there are few offering. The other way around avoids looking into so many brokers only to find out that they do not offer it (which I did)

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Have you “solid information” why you want to trade obscure/exotic pair s or just wanting to make trading more varied and "interesting "

I appreciate the comment but let us not make the post unnecessary long and stick to the initial question.
There are many pairs out there and they are all part of the Forex market. While some stick to the most liquid, like EUR/USD, others include some minors or even exotics…
Has someone dealt with the exotics I mentioned?

Good luck mate as long as you profitable it doesn’t matter what you trade

EURMXN is on my Pepperstone spreadbetting account. Quite a few exotics on there, but I can’t see anything with BRL. They are probably on their CFD accounts too, but don’t have one to check.

Fair enough, see the dilemma. I would think you are looking at some of the biggest brokers like Oanda, XM, Saxo Bank and the like but obviously can’t guarantee they will have it. Any luck yet?

these are admiral markets offer on exotic pairs

Many do, in fact, the one I trade with, coinexx offers exotic pairs. But, I wanted to know out of curiosity, why do you want to trade exotics?

I checked Oanda on the Demo account. They have a few exotics but not many

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Thanks for your answer, I will check into them

I checked them out. They have like “only” 70 pairs.

do they have the exotic pairs you wanna trade? how many pairs they have doesn’t matter unless you are planning on trading all exotic pairs

70 is good enough for me, especially when they’ve got the pairs I like to trade.

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Try fxview, xm and xtb.

Looks like a lot of traders are trading exotic pairs already. Well, thanks for the broker suggestions. I can see some new names here that I will surely check.

Exotic pairs make a good trading asset but I doubt if all traders are able to trade them properly since they can be extremely volatile.

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I am quite afraid of exotic pairs and so, I am sticking to majors and minors. They have been working great for me and I am in no mood of taking additional risks. But I would definitely like to read about other traders’ experiences.

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Not all these brokers would turn out to be great with their trading features. Why don’t you test them first and then, make your decision?

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