hello guys!!! how much profit should a newbie expect per trade with a micro account…whats kinda the normal expectation??? is it bad to aim high??? thanks so much!!! note: I am really really new at this!

Your best bet is no goals and no expectations except to perfect the art of trading. This will allow you to both judge how you are doing and how effective your system is.

In answer to your question it depends on your profit target(s). It could be 20 pips could be 150… I don’t know. Just like I dont know if you get a trade an hour a trade a week or a trade a month – havnt a clue! if you get a trade an hour and make 150 pips pr pair then well, yould be insanly rich before the end of the month… if you make 5-10 good trades a week, and loose about half of that with 1:3 R:R and you have a 3:1 P:L then those 10 trades would likley mean you lost 3, and those 3 took 1 trade to make up so lets say your up 9 total trades at 20 pips, thats 180 pips a week, but its not that simple.

I’m shooting for 40+ pips a week, the plus being up, so if I shoot myself in the foot like earlier today my goal is to be around 40 pips up, which in mycase is about $40 (I’m risking MUCH more then I should though!)

Good luck! Just try not to expect to much of yourself – when I do that I loose big time (earlier today for example…)

For me as a newbie, I will tend to set trading goals every week. Example this week I try to make 50pips from EUR/USD. I will also try to make my profits more than my losses. In addition, I will set if I lose 100pips over before the week ends, I will stop trading for the week. Just a novice point of view.:slight_smile:

Not that you are new or anything but 50 pips is a low goal. 150-200 pips is a decent goal. I f you lose 100pips and make 50 for the week you lost 50 Pips. Dont stop trading because you lost dust yourself off look at the charts and wait for the time to trade. You have to be in the market to make money

at least twice as your Stop loss…

wow thanks so much for all of yah…it really gives me an idea :wink: