Experience on Roboforex

Anyone with an experience on Roboforex?

They are pretty bad I think.

Search on Google and you will see some reviews!

Which is your best broker?

Untill now i have the best experiences compared with other Brokers:
-fast order execution on ECN accounts
-no connection interruption
-good chat support
-no " suspicious" price moves
-MT4 works properly
-no suspicious spikes
-no suspicious spreads

But i have not claimed a cash out untill now, cause i tested with micro numbers. I am curious what will happen, if i apply first time cash out

Thanks for the experience. Trying it out.

well . it’s been almost a year , how was your experience with roboforex?

Forget it - when you start to make profits, they make troubles

would you tell us what kind of problems?

-I tradecd approx. 7 month with real monney, at first suddenly the closing of the trades was slower (the time between clicking with the mouse the “close” button untill the trade is really closed) - as i am a scalper this was deadly for my positions. Instead of some micro-seconds the closing took up to two seconds or even more. (i know that in certain market situations closing allways takes more time, but in my case it was allways, not only in special situations).When i asked the support whats going on, they said its not their fault, thats the liquidity provider…

-Later on when i drove in again regularly profits with their customer-friendly deposit bonus (they offered up to 150% deposit bonus, and you could withdraw all the profit immediatly without restrictions), they became chicken and closed suddenly my account during an afternoon trading session. On my request, that trading is no more possible, they sent me next day an email, stating that they decided to close my account because they have according to their costomer agreement the right to close accounts any time without any special reason, and sent me the agreement paragraph…i should withdraw my remaining funds untill a certain date.
Honestly speaking i have to admit, that i really could withdraw all my monney in time, and they stole me nothing.

But closing someones account in a second without mentioning a special reason is the worst reputation a broker could create.

Dont start trading with them!

They are Scammers. Widen Spreads in ECN account from 2 pips to 75 pips in 1.5 seconds just to close your trade.

How can we trade with this situation? And when we ask for an explanation they said that it was because of NZD rollover time. But how can the ASK increase in 30 pips and spread in 75 pips at the same 1.5 seconds and it was not noticed in any other broker, what type of liquidity provider it has?

They are ok just until u make a profit, after that they will use all weapons to make u lose and they will play all weapons for it.