Experience with my broker

I opened a forex real account having 4xp. com intended for 7 a few months to until now, and they’re fine beside me, the customer service are usually excellent, nevertheless what’s essential would be the performance and thus far they are sensible beside me, i prefer all of them. I got help from Sara Key at starting period on my trading and he is still helping me if I face any problem regarding my account.

Thanks to share your broker experience with us. We hope you will share your problems too which you faced there. It will help a lot for newbie to solve their problems.

Surely i will do that… I know babypips is a great place to share experience, problems and opinion.

Really its a great platform to share experience and sometimes its very helpful to solve some problem.long live babypips.

Personally I wouldn’t have an account with a broker that has been classed as a Scam by the largest broker review site.

Call me old fashioned but I like to keep a hold of my money and only have accounts with reputable brokers.

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Yes, me too. I guess our friend here knows what he is doing. When a broker has exhibited traits of scams several times, it only remains a short period before they go AWOL with your money.