Experienced traders, what are you doing with your 401k?

The markets went kablewy today. And from what I’m reading (maybe that’s bad), the financial masterminds keep talking about more cracks and the potential for a major sell off or we’re enroute to a recession.

Are you non-millionaires preparing for that in a specific way as far as your retirement accounts are concerned?

It depends when you retire. But the overall plan is to keep investing while price is off the highs. Eventually markets will rise back to the highs in decades to come and that’s when the retirement pot will pay out nicely.

Hoard cash to buy during the recession!

Then again, not sure Trump will let that happen during his term. Who knows really. What about you? What are you planning on doing?

P.S. Not an experienced trader but thought I’d chime in! :joy:

no american president ever managed to avoid a recession. nobody can avoid a recession. if it were avoidable then we would never had any recessions.

recessions are a part of the system and are necesarry. if anyone ever manages to extinct recessions then the system will fail.

You think we’re headed into one before the year ends?

id be an idiot in trying to forecast when a recession comes.

nobody can do that. the fed employs several hundred people with 50 years experience and school and they never managed in 100 years to forecast when a recession comes more than 2 weeks ahead.

we will get one. how big it will be or when it comes, nobody knows.

in my opinion we are due for a recession already since 2018. too many zombie companies walking around on the earth looking to eat peoples brains.

the washout is overdue. but due to the money pumpin which all central banks did so long, and the BOE is still doing, the inevitable death of zombies has been prolonged.

how long? nobody knows. but the longer we wait for a recession, the harder it will be.

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Quote of the day for me!

Nothing as of right now. Trying to figure out if there is something to do to prepare


gave mine away trading options in 2013/2014.