Expert advisor on mt4

could someone kind enough, in the simplest way possible ,try to share with us the necessary steps on how to set up expert advisor on mt4?,it’s still like chinese for me:)

There’s not really any simple ways to answer this because MetaTrader is not a simple program. It is a powerful program once you get use to it but only time and practice will help.

  I am assuming that you found and Expert Advisor that you want to use, otherwise you better take some programming courses if you expect to write your own. Just copy the EA into the below folder and then shutdown & restart Metatrader. You can then setup your charts to visually confirm the EA's signal but it is not necessary. You then want to find the EA which should be listed under the navigator window (view / navigator / Expert Advisor) and just drag it onto the chart you are using. It will then prompt you for any info that is required. You will see it listed in the right hand corner of the chart to confirm it is running. Let me know if I confused you more.


C:\Program Files\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts

ok i found it :smiley: ,i just need to know what kind of alert it sends ,is it a noise ,a bell or a arrow ?or something else,thanks

Usually it just pops a box up telling you an alert was triggered and it has the standard alert sound. You can change it to whatever sounds you want by choose [B]“Tools / Options / Events / Alerts” [/B]and then choosing other and browsing to your own wave file. (See Picture)


Alert.bmp (571 KB)