Expert advisors not working in my Mt4

Hello, i have some expert advisors in my mt4 but neither work, my mt4 is the last version This experts advisors work in other mt4 version. Can be that my computer has anything stopping the robots work?


There are some changes implemented into new builds of the mt4.

If you own the .mq4 files for your ea , I can have a look.


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You can get me your email for private message?

I had the same problem after update and needed to reinstall them. I am a newbie but maybe it will be helpful - check if you have these robots when open folder via MT - File - Open Data Folder - MQL4 - Experts. Some robots were moved there automatically in my case, but some not. It helped me.

Many EA have this problem in new release of mt4 - I am not programmer to understand but very strange

Are you still having this problem? Im not sure how much of a newbie you are, but check the following:

click “F7” on the chart > Common Tab
Make sure that the following 4 are checked:

Enable Alerts
Allow Live Trading
Allow DLL IMports
Allow import of external Experts

then make sure the ‘autotrading’ button is on (shows a green play button) in the toolbar. there should be a smiley face in the top right now. if it is a sad face, copy the EA again in the folder.

Be aware that the Experts folder has changed position now. an easy way to get there is to expand the “Expert Advisors” in the navigator pane. Right click one of them and click modify.
When the MetaEditor window opens, right click the “Experts” folder and click “Open Folder”. Now copy your EA in to there and refresh the “Expert Advisors” by right clicking it > Refresh. You should see your EA there.

I hope this helps anyone who gets stuck.

Hi @360pips

Please check your log in EXPERT’s TAB. You might find something useful about the ‘errors’