Expert point of view is need

Dear all new and experts
As we see Boom and crash index are also being traded around the world I do also
I have tested various tools but no one found convenient and also watched some vid but still not satisfy.
Tools we use to check trends enter exit and SnR levels some times work but not likely on financial
So is there anything invented in this regard yet or not?
Your comments shall be highly respected

Price in a trend usually continues. But there is nothing which will tell you with absolute 100% certainty that a trend will start today or that a trend will end today.

Forex pairs do not trend particularly more than other markets: so if they are going down, it will not be forever.

Same for commodities.

US stock indices do but only upwards: US stocks within these indices also tend to trend upwards for long periods of time, but not forever - some go down so much they are expelled from the index, but new stocks are coming up and they join the index.

What more do we need to know to trade profitably?


While there have been many tools and methods used for Boom and Crash index trading, finding the perfect one can be challenging. Keep exploring :see_no_evil:

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I know
We insert tools trade make profits and public it on you tube but to be honest it’s not the game of tools it’s the game of ticks.
Most of our standard tools match but not regularly and permanently
YouTubers tricked common traders to post vid on a surtin time when it spikes up or down

Maybe don’t trade Boom and Crash?

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Price level entry is the least important metric in trading. You should be able to enter at any level and with good trade & risk management, have a profitable system.