Explosive moves: What is the Z Pattern?

There is a thin line between profiting in the markets and wasting valuable time. Have you noticed that most successful Forex teachers can teach you a great money making method but it doesn’t make you money? They write great psychological articles and go through an ‘In depth’ tutorial with you yet it doesn’t seem to change your account balance. In the end this is what it is all about. You didn’t come to the FX market to just spend your time on a good read. You came to make real money!

But why is it not working for everyone? It seem to benefit them, no? You try and try and do everything they tell you to do. And when everything lines up on the charts and it is a text book scenario you enter the trade. Bam! You get stopped out. Of course once you consult you hear that it wasn’t the right setup or you need more experience. It sounds logical and you move on.Then you think to yourself ‘fine I take it slow’. Soon after a trade comes to your attention that you wouldn’t even consider wastingyour thoughts on, yet it turns out to be a mega winner. Your self criticism kicks in and you blame yourself for not seizing the opportunity and regaining your previous losses. Then you, subconsciously take it fast and not slow anymore. You place another losing trade and ride your account further into a minus. What to blame? Inexperience? Fear of losing out?

Everyone tells you that you couldn’t keep up your discipline,trading plan or both. Truth is you want to earn money. Afterall “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” The pairs on the charts move hundreds if not thousands of pips every day. How come you can’t squeeze out money? The answer is even if you had success for a while and now have reached a dead end. Even if you have put a lot of effort in your trading but yet failed to make money. It’s been nothing but a ‘ House of Cards’. The foundation hasn’t been right.

“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.”
William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Crossing the Line

Have you ever wondered what moves the market so rapidly and creates massive candles on the charts? Or ever questioned yourself what created that long wick on a pinbar? No indicator, Ma, Price Action, order flow, news or volume could precisely pinpoint when and where these explosive price movements are going to happen. Yet you see them all the time.

Traders over rely too much on their indicators and MAs so they can blame them later for their losses. The problem is they forget that all these tools calculate price from the past. And can only tell where price is now, but not where it’s going.

Price is moving constantly in one way or another. Sometimes it’s ranging other times trending. And to traders distaste sometimes it whipsaws. It is impossible for a trader to catch each and every move. As a matter of fact the spread one would have to pay to get in and out of each trade. Will eat slowly but surely a trader’s account.

What we strive to do as professional traders is to open positions that offer minimal risk and are high probability trades. In order to maintain a winning edge. To do so we stack the odds in our favour and follow a strategy that can provide such setups.

Z Pattern Trading provides us with such Setups. It is a new approach to the markets which ensures traders a consistent winning edge. With explosive moves and strong momentums on traders side, Z Pattern trading is a system for traders who are serious about their work and career. And thrive to succeed in the financial markets.

What is the Z Pattern?

The Z Pattern is a never seen before and newly discovered fractal pattern on the line chart.

Price moves in fractals, and like many fractal patterns the Z pattern is one of it’s own kind. This pattern benefits from strong momentums. It relies on the very move that created it in order to reverse the move.That is why it’s traded as a reversal pattern and pinpoints the exact ‘momentum reversal’ of price.

In a fast paced market trade execution is key and triggering a trade from the right level gives traders the ultimate advantage. It lies in the nature of the pattern, that creates exceptional opportunities for traders to jump on a trade just before price is going to make an explosive move. And that is what we need to make money. The right combination of trade execution + explosive price movement.

You don’t need to be a trading veteran to take advantage of the Z Pattern. In order to make money you need to familiarise yourself with the pattern and be able to identify it. Here are examples of how the pattern works magic on the charts:

In this example prices were dropping rapidly. But the Z Pattern pinpointed an explosive momentum reversal.

Price on the charts was in a strong and steady Trend. While markets were giving price a short breather an excellent Z Pattern emerged to put traders in line with the main Trend.

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Feel free to delve into our other resourceful articles and tutorials at zfxtrading.wordpress. Which will guide traders through the Z Pattern Learning process. It is pretty straightforward and simple to implement. We already had great success in another thread at BP (The Z Pattern) and posted and discussed Live Setups with astonishing results.

[B]Join us and many successful traders on Z Pattern Trading![/B]


We Played our latest Z Pattern on Eur/Usd 8h with a great r:r. See chart below;

This Z Pattern payed off big time! The very first massive push came right after Entries got triggered which pushed prices right into TP level. After that it retraced and built momentum to start another leg further down and price on that pair dropped like a rock.


Kas Congratulations for this initiative. Congratulations by the wish to help others traaders. You know I’ve followed your thread so I’m sure it will be of high quality.

For other persons: believe me, it is worth investing time learning this method. I had the chance to see it develop from the first publications in BP and seems to have good results.

Many luck to all,

Hi Kas!

Reading up on the power of “Z” and hope you could clear something up for me. How do you tell if your going to buy or sell off the Z Pattern, does it have something to do with which way the Z faces?

'Best :wink:


Hi Darth,

You’d trade Z Patterns always as reversals. That means if price was moving up are looking to sell and vice versa.

Hope that cleares it up:)


Thanks it does! Great thread btw



Hi Kasravi,

long time not hearing from you and you’ve done a lot there. I’ll take a look around and see what I can do.



We discussed this setup two weeks ago and with a R:R of 1:10 it it is still strong in play.

Around the same time there was a Z Pattern on Usd/Chf;

As anticipated price on this pair crumbled and gave us a mind blowing R:R of 1:23! so far. Trade management suggests to take some money off the table and let the rest run.

Z Patterns are notorious at extreme price pitches and it is a trader’s duty to catch them when they come along.


Please don’t take me wrong on my comment. I think this pattern deserves some study and practice as I do believe that patterns definitively give you an edge on trading. But I can’t help wondering what are the motives for the OP to post this. I mean, on most of the systems/strategies posted here on BP or any other forum, the OP wants the other people to test their strategies to improve them, sell indicators, EA or whatever. Very few with a solid profitable strategy will share it for free. Here the OP made a really thorough description, has a very nicely laid out web site and still I don’t find the link to a “buy it now” or any other of the common tricks to entice people to depart with their hard earned money. I just feel this is too good to be truth. The impressive 95% winning rate claimed makes me even more suspicious as that would yield the Z pattern as the real holy grail, which we all know doesn’t exist. I hope I’m just being paranoic after seeing so much crap on these forums. That is what makes so hard to learn forex…the bast majority of the information on-line is plain rubbish and there is a whole industry geared at taking advantage of the newbies.
Anyway, I like to try different points of views and fresh ideas and will go through all the information the OP gently provided. As I said patterns do really work on financial markets and this one might be another good one to add my toolbox. Hopefully I’ll be an active contributor to this thread as long as I don’t find a “buy it now” along the way.

Hi Keen,

Like your username suggests you are a keen observer and your questions are all valid and legit!

My motive in introducing this self discovered pattern and sharing it so freely is very simple. The Z Pattern is my baby and I want everyone to know about it. I created the web page after I posted Live Setups successfully for over half a year. For the sole purpose of explaining the inner workings of the pattern.

Z Patterns are all over the place and every timeframe. It comes down to each individual to implement them correctly and rake in those profits!

I hope this clearifies some of your doubts. Don’t hesitate to ask more or share some charts.


Thanks for your reply. I’m also reading your previous thread on the same subject and I’m really enjoying it (I’m half way but have learned a lot from it). Now I can see you shared your strategy out of sheer kindness and selflessness. Thanks a lot for your time.
I’ll start as suggested by looking for the pattern on the EURUSD on the 4H TF. I’m also into the so-called harmonic patterns, so this new and effective pattern complements nicely my tools.


This Z Pattern gave us an easy entry to target the Weekly VZ. Which was hit effortlessly.

I said it before, trading inline with VZs can be very profitable. Eventhough they don’t always work out as smooth as anticipated. Once they do they are account boosters!


There is a little pause just before price on the chart crashes lower. A stalling moment that signals exhaustion of the buyers. Just after all the rookies gave up on going short out of nowhere a game changing signal confirmed by a massive leap changes everything. Been there done that? Then read on. Learn how to be part of that game changer yourself.



This Setup(which was discussed live) was another superb example. Demonstrating the power of Z Patterns.
Price on this pair dropped over 300pips!

If you missed this Setup but would like to pocket big gains, then consider making Z Patterns part of your trading!


Eur/Jpy Setup Results

This Z Pattern Setup was Live discussed here. And was a perfect example to jump on the trend train.


[B]What happened with Usd/Chf lately? Come and join us in our dicussion over at The Z Pattern thread and find out how easily you could have jumped on the money train.[/B]



Last week the Yen pairs rocked hard! We had our Weekly Value zone on target for this pair. And once entries triggered from our Z Pattern signal it was a clear ride to the top for a massive gain. These movements in the market are forseeable and traders that are keen on capitalizing on such massive price actions. Should lookout for such setups.

Wish everyone a good trading Week.

USD/CHF last Friday NFP

This setup was live discussed here.This pair was climbing the charts lately like there was no tomorrow. This Setup before the NFP report set the tone for the new direction and inevitably the NFP outcome on price movement.