Exposing an Investment Scam on Facebook (opic trader)

I run a small Facebook group related to trading, I have banned thousands of scam posts and comments, but I decided to reply and expose one of these scams that use a fake exchange called Opic Trader.

The purpose was to highlight the scam website opic trader in Google search and to educate new investors.

The scammer tried to scam me out of $10,000 by promising a $75,000 return in 7 days on a $5000 investment, he had me sign up to the scam website and wanted me to deposit Bitcoin using Binance.

I recorded the whole scam on video including 3 scam calls, find it on Google by searching Opic Trader Scam.

Otherwise, be careful of this website, anyone promising riches or guaranteeing returns online is a scam!

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