F.A.P.S.: Forex AutoPilot System

Hey everyone,
Take a look at this, its the real only FAPS! :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t listen to the bullcrap they tell you on the website, just test it yourself :wink:
You can get everything from this uber members area ;D
Have fun :smiley:


Faps is a piss-pore EA…just like all EA’s. Spam.

Well looks like I’ve done it again… please everyone call me an idiot.

ah you’re not an idiot. Just don’t fall for EA’s. They always look better than they actually are. Take the time and expend the effort to learn to trade for real. you’ll not regret it.

I’m already busy studying the BabyPips School. I think its very interesting. (Yes yes I understand forex trading won’t make you a kazilionare in 2 days…)