F*** Boris March

Disagree - like I said back many weeks Nigel called it wrong, Boris outmaneuvered his strategy.

Boris’s stance was ‘get Brexit done’ - he had the cookie in the oven ready to eat (his deal).

Just like the DUP and Corbyn Boris called Nigel’s bluff - he would not enter into any pact or election deal despite the threats.

Positive Mental Attitude in action - now they are saying that he has no hope of EU trade deal within a year …

As for the Brexit party - similar outcome as UKIP I would hazard

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I think we can do something called impeachment - I don’t know if we ever have though !

Hardly surprised !

Minutiae apart, do you accept the burden of my post that without the efforts of Nigel Farage and NF alone, we would still be ploughing along under Cameron /Corbyn - and still stuck ever deeper into the EU ?

Pour qoui?

Not sure what NF stands for, the efforts of Farage have been well compensated, the argument within the Tory party regarding Europe precedes his entry into politics.

I mentioned earlier that he is a trader, he took a trade that went against him, saw that he was under water and checked out.

The glory imo still goes to Boris, he faced unimaginable opposition, even within his own family, but he made the deal, saw it through - and finally outside No. 10 no Francis of Assisi speech - just let’s gets on with the job in hand.

…and don’t forget the title of this thread! He survived the march! :wink:

It seems that the “EU” are beginning to realise that too !

Priti Patel’s Reign of Terror !

One of Boris’s huge assets is a guy caalled Dominic Cummings and the “free press” have been Braying for blood for days now - They Demanded explanations in the usual way - and demanded and protested and demanded his resignation or sacking.

It didn’t go too badly for him …;


majority of society bored of this now ,he only another individual


After his completely brilliant handling of the media questioning - and hearing A REFERENCE given by someone at OXFORD with him - Id’ be honoured if he would come and sit at the “Piss’eads” table with old Falstaff - for a wee bit of a celebration to the great god Dionysius (sp) - Split a bottle ior two with you mate - he sounds like a really great bloke !

Does anyone like Boris?

Ehh… He won the last election by a landslide… so perhaps have a think about that question :slight_smile:

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maybe that the problem it is the “likable factor” . rather than the most appropriate leader after all he known as Boris rather than Johnson ,Gove for example is a better communicator, talks sense dose not get emotional but lacks charisma

Ey - OOP !


Watch this space !