Fake news regarding cryptocurrency

To start off, I am not at all a boffin on any financial trading let alone cryptocurrency but I do have a few questions. I am pro Bitcoin so my questions is related to that but has an impact on the other cryptocurrencies as well

  1. Why did Bitcoin originally start - I think it was to get other people out of controlling our finances
  2. Why are there so many other crypocurrencies around today - are we not just opening ourselves up for the same control over our finances by the same people that we tried to get out of it in the first place
  3. How many of the Bitcoin predictions/forecasts published are only done to negatively influence our opinions and make us sell and to subsequently make the predictions true. This effectively would mean, others are still influencing our finances.
  4. If my argument at point 3 is true (and I believe it is), it means we are being driven to make choices which would in the end benefit those we were trying to get out of our pockets, so why do we allow that to happen?
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hehe… Do ya think ?? hehe
of course mate.

There have been a goodly number of good ideas - over the years - bitcoin, “Motley fool” etc etc - But at the end of the day - the ***** always come in and buy out the “ideas people” - for millions or billions of $'s

Just the way it is !

Be there early, get out with a great return - that’s all we can do ! :slight_smile:

hmm good points… worth following

I have been bothered by this too, I think there are over 1500 different cryptocurrencies in the market and a new one is coming up every week. The problem is that blockchain is not regulated by any body. Anyone who has knowledge about how the technology works can use it to develop their own virtual currency.

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but the fact it is so off the grid is what makes it so appealing. i think in terms of security, it is as hackable as anything else digital