Fake students of the game. lame whys

most of you are wasting your time’ since deep down you dont want this. your why is lame… the more suckers in the pool the better for people like me so thanks i guess. :frowning:

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if youre why is not selfless then you dont deserve to win. im glad youre struggling to whom it my apply

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Its got to be true that the benefits and features of trading accounts, and the choice of brokers etc. has to be driven by the volume of new traders entering the sector.

Greater barriers to entry into trading would prevent prospective profitable traders from getting involved and making future profits, while also undermining the facilities and service utilised by the longer-term profitable trading participants.

I guess the people who call for naive newbies to be prevented from exercising their own free personal choice just don’t understand capitalism.

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i used to phrase things in the most elegant manner i could back when it mattered. now that ive solved trading i could care less about that stuff. humility is hard to come by but we can at least try to push for it

So why does being profitable make you want to challenge people? Are you feeling annoyed about something? I would have thought you’r be in a position to sit back and enjoy your profits.

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An odd thread. It seems OP has an axe to grind. I don’t see the point of dismissing people trying to make it, with such animosity. You may have a point to make, but surely a more positive approach might be better received.


I don’t see much elegance in my writing, but I aim for clarity and courtesy. If you do think its elegant, I thank you for that.


Well, that volume of new traders is also makes brokers shorten their spread during peak trading hours. If there were less volume of traders, brokers’ spreads would stay as wide as they are during market open/close. Who would want that?

Imagine if you needed $10k just to open a demo account? or $250k? I like the barriers just as they are. haha I can open a trading account with $200 if I wanted to.

@jcena44 I think you’ve come a long way, and you’ve shed some weaker layers of yourself.

The animosity, I think, comes from being angry with your former self so much that when you see habits/characteristics in others that remind you of your former self, it frightens you. It frightens you because you’ve worked so hard to get to where you are and you don’t want to go back.

And I don’t blame you. If I’ve made the kind of improvements that you’ve made, I’d feel the same way. But unfortunately, you can’t control other–just yourself. Trying to change/motivate others will only lead to disappointment. You can drop some mental gems on them, and then the responsibility is on them to ask questions.

You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Perhaps, now that you’ve conquered this forex mountain, you need a new mountain to keep you busy.


Congrats, I think. But nothing in your comments or attitude leads me to believe that you’ve solved anything.

Maybe some day you’ll figure things out though.

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Ouch. Time will tell if he has solved anything or not. Hopefully, this is the beginning; not the end.

@jcena44 I think it was necessary for you to develop the attitude you have now. None of us here know how your life was before now, or what kind of man you’ve been. Perhaps an overcorrection was necessary in order for you to get to where you are. No one can tell you your approach was right or wrong. Only you can determine that. I think you did what you had to do.

Perhaps there are others who also need to develop the same attitude you have now, so that they can have similar success. Sure, this approach won’t work for everyone. But for some, it will.

I imagine you’re trying to provoke people here so that they get angry enough to prove you wrong by becoming successful. It’s a good technique. Some people need something to fight against in order to keep going.

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sensitivity is the enemy so if we set the bar for one another maybe the market wont sting so badly

someone thats early in their journey might see this and speed things up a bit so yea ive solved it and solved how to get people to see it

i dont agree with your overcorrection theory, as far as right and wrong, whats right is always the thing with the higher profit percentage while maintaining survivability. technically speaking human beings are more alike than we think and its an understanding with many benefits.

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I don’t understand any of this thread. Are you going to teach us something about trading or is this a personal soliloquy about trading and traders? What’s your trading situation at the noment @jcena44 ? Are you going to impart advice or would you like advice? Are you trying to shake us out of inertia and challenge accepted beliefs?

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jesus christ

I find this all out right interesting. Whose the bulls whose the bears I’ll be the vulture lmao wear the money

So where the :money_mouth_face:

Yeah, I’m starting to feel a bit lost on the purpose here. I don’t understand where this is going.

What’s the purpose of this thread?

Just venting?

I’m trying to piece together a background for this thread and your first two sentences. It was an attempt to understand what’s going on in this thread.

Please tell us.

Honestly, it’s not easy to be a consistent player here! But till now Forex isn’t impossible! New traders need to focus on learning & developing their trading skill instead of earning!

95% wont understand this thread, or how to make a living from trading… try harder. humble yourself