Falcon FX membership

When i first started trading i learnt with book i could get my hand those where stuff like support and resistance trendline , fibonacci and so on but i was not profitable with those stuff so early march these year i meant a guy on ig i joined is telegram channel which was Telegram: Contact @ForexChasersProFx with the way the guy was hitting those consistency so i chatted him ask him where he learnt to trade that way he told me he met a guy from uk which is name is mark who owes the website which he sign up for just 95 gbp so that was hw i new about falcon and the consistency since then have been different because the way he those forcast and the precision to is entry are very good i spent about three month with him ever since then the consistency have been different i have had month of 40% result with a low risk of one percent and my lowest as being nothing less than 20 percent if u feel like joining the community dont think twice about it because u just might me surprise the result u might hit and more over is stuff is cheap

That forexchasers telegram group looks like a scam too. ‘£181 to 3k in 4 days’. Please! Maybe hes signed up to falcon and putting up the analysis as his lol. I would think twice before I join any of these groups. The more slick the video the more likely hes a great salesman. If you are so convinced and you’re doing such great returns, please post some analysis so we can all learn. Thanks.

Any chance youd be able to show me a few of your trades? The only thing that is holding me back is the fact they do not show any of their positions and how many pips they have. You can Private message me if you would prefer

Am not sharing the group so u could join it am just letting u knw hw i got to knw about falcon but before u call the guy scam any way have u gone throug all the trade he being posting he shares is analysis before the trade plays out with the chart so u could look it up or maybe spend one week in is free telegram channel watch the way he thoses and share analysis becuase not every one out there is a scam do ur research before u just jump to conclusions

So you wont show any trades either. I think this is enough of a red flag. Thank you for your post. I’ll leave you to it. Good luck with trading.

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Am currently holding three Positions into next week and d fact is if u join u dont join it those not change any thing for me and i dont care but to clarify ur judgment will be sending screen shot of the position am currently running

And these are the screen shot of my trade view

And if these those not do i resever my comments thank u

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Thank you for sharing these

Any time bro

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Thank you for the screenshots. I’m happy with my original decision. Best of luck mate.

U also mate because no body knws it all and every one have thier own style of doing stuff

Manando the Goat posts his Live Trades on IG and he does Live analysis everyday… He drives a Lamborghini thanks to Falcon FX…