Falcon FX membership

Hi, Has anyone had a membership with falcon? And if so how have they found it. I am tempted to go with them but the only thing that puts me off is that they do not post any trading results. Can anyone give me some guidance on this

I’ve heard of them and follow a few people on IG that are in the program. If you have an IG, then look up ‘michaelbamber’ and he will tell you. He doesn’t post any of his trading results though, so I have no idea if he’s doing well with it or not

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Are you talking about falcon trading computer or anything else?

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No I am not, i am talking about Falcon FX its a online course/community that you pay monthly for

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Mark my words. They’re BS. Dont waste your money and time. What they teach you can learn from free on the internet and on this site. If you do the babypips course you’ll have learnt more than they teach.


the guy I follow makes it seem like they have a certain style of trading, but who knows

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Yeh its trading the correction after an impulsive move using trendlines and flags. Or expecting another impulsive move after a correction. Everything they do has been done before and is free online. And I dont really know if that kind of trading is even profitable. Just subjective trading. When you get taught it, you could see a trade and I might look at it and say not a trade. So no one ever fully knows what to trade lol. Just keep paying the subscription fee.

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lmao you’re probably right because I honestly haven’t seen anyone saying how great their program is, but they have a ton of members. That goes to show you how powerful marketing is, you can sell BS and still make money lol

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Have you actually been a member?

No way would I pay them. I’ve read reviews and followed them online for a bit. Seen all that repetitive rubbish before so stopped.

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Yeah i understand what you mean. I have tried going into price action aswell. I read on another post that you use the candlestick trading bible. I have also purchased that aswell. How did you find it?

the book definitely helped, but you still need to forward test and backtest so you can get the hang of things

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Have you managed to be profitable from price action?

Wow, then I have no idea! Lets follow this thread and see others member outcome!

yes, along with having a few other confluences. It’s all thanks to my mentor really

Whats the best way to find a good mentor?

I found mine through social media. I followed him on Instagram, and he provided a ton of value; like he actually showed his analysis, which a lot of people tend to not do. I watched his growth from when he was working to quitting his job and going full time with trading. He’s a huge help to myself and others in the group. You just have to be careful about who you choose to follow and get help from because there are scammers out there that might not really tell you much of anything and will just lead you nowhere.

I do not see why people are still jumping in that programs like that ? Are you not happy with the current forum or what ? What is really happening with you anyway ? I do not take part in this and a bit skeptical about all else regarding that matter.

If u think of joining the falcon community pls dont think twice about it am actually a member and i tell u that thier method is unique price action no ■■■■■■■ indicator and the clarity u will get is way different from the way others people see the market and they dont post trade result due to the fact that mark is not really concerned about that aspect but in ur progression

Can you explain how you have learnt to trade with this membership. It’ll be helpful for the people here. We are interested in your progression too.