Falcon FX Review (Mark Hutchinson) (SCAM) (falcontradingguidance)

2 users who vouch for the system who just created accounts just to verify the system works. Sure and I have this forex service I can sell you which will net you a 100% returns every month. You’re not really proving your case here and it just comes off as super fishy that you’re trying to stop anyone who has a negative opinion of “falcon” like you personally know them.

I keep hearing terrible things about this company. I am probably going to avoid them

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God, this is so hard to read… funnily probably a bit like the falcon strategy :joy::joy::joy:

@coughs this really is scary. Sorry for all that happened. Did they really block you ? That would really be unfair. Please I’d need your help, I’d be really grateful if u can assist me. Thanks.

This whole discussion is really pretty funny. Falcon FX/Mark H’s constant refrain is to treat trading like a business which is actually very good advice. But apply this same principle to Falcon FX - i.e. perform due diligence like any business would and ask for proof of trading results and you will come up short, for sure…I wonder why that is?? I cannot imagine :thinking::thinking::thinking:

One of my friends has just started membership with Falcon and kindly allowed me to take a sneak preview of the course, including the video and pdf content.
Basically and respectfully, I could not disagree more with what you have posted above.
The guy comes across as a complete inspiration and whether you succeed or not in Forex, the language he uses, the messages and indeed the actual content are superb in all aspects.
I am around 10 months down the road on my Forex journey and am NOT currently consistent or profitable but something about the delivery and content in this course has inspired me to take direction from this guy and his strategy.
I will most certainly report back and give an update on my future performance based on following the teachings in this course.
But from a pure ‘approachability’ point of view, as I said above, from what I have seen, listened to and read within this course you could do a lot worse with your money,
Just my two penny’s-worth.

By the way, following this strategy, my friend just had his first incredible week, around £1K taken and another £1.5K (as I write) in trades. So I am very happy for him.

It might actually be a good course where you can learn from. It’s just that I follow a few people on Instagram that are apart of the Falcon community, but they also have great YouTube channels with a nice amount of followers and views. So, while they’re on their Falcon journey, they are earning money with Youtube. The one guy, Michael Bamber ( you can look up his channel), says he’s doing very well and even made over 20% on his trading account last month, so he says. I just never seen him post any proof of his trades lol

Maybe this will help settle this issue.

Any profitable traders out there using the falcon strategy please post your myfxbook link to verify your trades.

If I don’t get a response, I assume the course is a load of rubbish.

Also when is the next meet up, I’d like to go there to dissect Mark in front of everyone.

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Are Michael Bamber and Hannah forex affiliate marketing this course?


to be honest with you, I feel like they are LOL like they have some deal with Mark or something. I just haven’t seen ANY type of trading proof from either Michael or Hannah, but I do know that their YouTubes have a good amount of followers. I follow them both on IG, and I’ve seen Hannah make a few vids of her dissecting charts,so who knows lol


Ive said the exact same thing to both hannah and michael. They just delete comments.

Michael put a video recently talking about he has just reached a level of consistency but the only consistent thing i see is clean minimal desks.

People need to understand the level of juice mark put onto falcon. His original marketing guys did a ton of media work for him… You can look back and even look at their pages… They made it out like they were trading the strategy… Boosting their pages with those silly risk reward tools and then surprise surprise now they’ve left… But also what changes is they no longer show the content for falcon anymore…

You know who else did the same? Thomas russel? You dont know who he is? You know why? Because this monkey has dissappeared. He was the brain child of IPs first subscription service “active trader” and much like many did a runner once he made his lambo money.

They all say the same lie “felt drawn towards starting something new” but isnt it funny how when they were in the old company they told us that this was life changing?

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just used the Way Back archive to check the early versions of the falcon fx site and found this gem. :slight_smile:



Hi everyone my name is Mark, I am 25 years old with a passion for teaching & inspiring budding entrepreneurs and traders.

I have been trading Forex full time for over 2 years, with an overall of 5 years experience in the financial industry. I coach traders from a beginners level to advanced, with my students being located all over the world! Falcon Trading Guidance was born as I felt the urge to educate, coach and guide others towards achieving all of your trading goals.

Each week I cover what positions I am currently in, how to identify entries and solid targets, managing positions, potential trades to look out for and mini lessons, that will not only help you avoid making common mistakes and loosing money but to also improve your trading results and enhance your accuracy in these volatile market conditions!

Trading is often over-complicated and has proven to be a hotspot for the naive looking to make a quick buck, when in fact trading should be simple and is easier to manage than you may think. I have refined and tweaked my strategy over a number of years to adapt to all market conditions. Through my teaching I will show you how to truly optimise your trading results and broaden your understanding of the markets."

Trading full-time for only 2 years…i thought Mark claimed he had been trading for 10 years? If only he could get his story straight…

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Just checking have you been able to recover your funds?

I’ve been following Bamber on YouTube too. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. He does look a bit brain washed by the falcon thing. BUT he doesn’t seem to mention falcon anywhere near as much as he used to. Curious to see how he evolves

Bamber is now a Falcon FX team member…

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lmao he’s official now

So which trading academy is good

because it seems like there’s somebody somewhere calling every trading academy a fraud. I’m sincerely asking

Why do you need a trading academy? it’s a genuine question. For example, what makes it more worthwhile spening £1000 on a course learning about , for example, MACD, RSI, Psychology, etc when you can spend £30 on a few well reviewed books and quite likely learn a lot more about these subjects?

Honestly, I just started learning and everyone is saying you need a mentor program to do well. Could you recommend any books?

the book that helped me the most when i started 3 years a go was “Trend trading for dummies” by Barry Burns. cost £13.44 from Amazon