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Morning ladies and gentlemen,

The US stock market is getting hammed, so I figure I’ll learn forex instead of twiddling my thumbs… After completing babypip’s school… I think I just might convert, or atleast diversify my trading.

Now being that I’m completely new to this, can anyone set me in the right track?

I mean, what’s your favorite websites? Where do you get charts so I can backtest? Is there any free software that makes backtesting easy?

Thanks for your help!

Anyone?.. Is this a stupid question?

Spend some time in our “Analyst Arena”. We aggregate some really good analysis and commentary from different sites.

If you’ve finished our School, you should learn a system or method and demo trade. I know you want to gobble up as much as forex info but a really good way to learn is to just jump right in as long as you’re trading with fake money. Along the way, you’ll figure out what you have to learn and work on.

Like the famous Nike slogan, "Just Do It. ":smiley:

I’m sure no one is ignoring you and there is no such thing as a stupid question but a lot of what your asking has been posted in the software & Broker forums. I personally use Oanda for my broker but I think their charts sux so like many people on here I use a seperate program called Metatrader for my charts, backtesting, chart alerts and indicators that can be emailed to my cell phone :slight_smile: , etc… You can download it in the forum section at the link below. It is not an easy program to figure out when you first install it but it is awesome once you get the hang of it. You can use the forums on here or the link below where just about everyone question you might have will be answered. There are also many other simpler programs like VTtrader, Xtick, etc… If you want info on anything you can also use the search button at the top of this page and search for anything you like because a lot of people don’t like giving the same answers a zillion times.

Forex TSD| Metatrader Indicators and Experts Advisors

MetaTrader. New versions and Daily builds - Page 6 - Forex Trading

I personally prefer to trade on this platform- it offers sensible spread, great leverage and you can trade not only forex but also, CFDs, options and sommodities. Also, you do not have to open a standard account right away. Instead, you can start with demo account (trading with virtual money), or if you are at a more progressed level you can start by opening a mini account for not more that $200.

good luck!