Feature: Hamburger menu Category name sorting

We’ve made some changes to the Forums, including how the hamburger menu sorts the list of category names. hamburger menu icon

In the past, the list was sorted in a fixed manner. The category names never moved, and we showed you each and every category and sub category in the forums.

Now, the list of category names will be sorted by most active to least active. Specifically, the categories will be sorted in order of most unread/new topics at the top, filtering down to those with the least or no unread/new topics at the bottom.

We’re hoping this will give you an opportunity to engage in areas of the forums where there is the most activity, while also seeing what other categories have new topics and active discussions.

As always, the best place to see the most up-to-the-minute latest discussions, click on Latest from the Forums navigation bar.

To see what discussion are the most active, click on Top from the Forums navigation bar


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