Fee for answering a question

I was recently an account holder at FXCM (mini account). a few weeks ago I went through the chat icon to talk to someone about a problem I was having. The representative told me that since I only held a mini account that they could not answer any of my questions and would I like to add more money to my account to make it a standard account. My response was why do I have to add more money just to get an answer to a question, I have never heard of that before. He stated that they started that system in August. The chat system was now for standard account holders and above. I didn’t know whatto say, I closed my account later that day and moved my money to GFT, where so far I am happy. My question is. Has this ever happened to anyone else and is this normal ?
Please write back, I’m not trying to put FXCM out there, but I just found this weird and if I am wrong I would be more than happy to appologize.


Hi Marvin,
I also have a real FXCM mini account since December but havn’t had to use the chat yet, so I’ll have to try. I’ve used it with my demo account many times and had no problem…strange. Will let you know…

What a bunch of horse poop. So, there smaller account customers aren’t worth giving customer service too I guess. If it were me, I’d cancel then write them nasty e-mail and tell them how f’d up that is.

IBFX has given me exemplarly customer service over chat, they’ve answered all my stupid questions. Even, when I was rude because I was bent out of shape and didn’t understand why requotes happened.