Feedback on citifx? Has anyone on here used them before or currently using?

HELLO, I’m a US trader and would like to get a live account going fairly soon. I have been making 4-6k a week using 1 lot with 1:100 leverage for five months on demos now and have 10,000 to open a live account. I have been doing some research after another trader suggested going with Citifx and they seem to be a reliable bank from what I have read. I’m just looking for more feedback here.

Also a question I have 2 mt4 demos running next to each other one is 1:100 and the other 1:50 and they are almost identical. I expected some difference, shouldn’t there be something thats different?


I don’t have the answer for you. But wow! Can you post your system? 4-6K a week! I bet tons of new traders could learn a lot from you! BTW, look into IBFX, it has lower spreads than CitiFX and a very stable MT4 platform.

never used citifx myself.

I haven’t made one penny of real money so I’d like to make sure this works with real $ first then I’ll be willing to help others out. I’m trying to stay away from brokers (middle man) and just deal with bigger banks.

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You said that you are trading 1 Lot (100k?) with $10,000 balance. This would be 1:10 leverage so it wouldn’t matter what the allowed leverage was if you only untilize 1:10.

yes thanks, I’ve been trying to learn more how the leverage works. Also if anyone knows exactly where the bank or broker comes up with the used margin amount that would be helpful I’m unclear on that.

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