Feedback on various course sellers?

Hi All ,

For the people who’ve bought courses from these so-called forex coaches , what are your reviews :

  1. - Run by Navin
  2. - Run by Andrew Mitchem ( One of his clients managed to start a Hedge fund , he proclaims lmao ! Selling dreams for 3k ). - Run by Greg Secker Run by Nial fuller
  3. Nononsenseforex - Gained traction on his youtube channel over the last 2 years - Run by Anton kreil

Lets spread the word , and help beginners or frustrated traders not fall prey for these educators.

As far as I think , their trading capital gets a boost not from trading results but by the number of courses people sign up .

Ask anyone of them to show their master account as a proof for results . You’ll be surprised how many of these would actually want to reveal whats behind the door

Babypips is the your ONE STOP SHOP for education , you gotta come up with your own strategy with great risk management

1, 2 and 5 I’ve never heard of so wouldnt bother looking st them.

Nial fuller I have his price action course but havent read it. Ill have a look next few days.

Greg secker is a scam as far as I’ve heard from other students. I have never met anyone who has become profitable from him.

Anton kreil teaches long short portfolio trading. I found his videos boring and therefore difficult to understand. However someone who is interested would be able to make sense of it

Nononsense has gained popularity through his YouTube channel. His content on trading psychology and risk management is well thought out.

NononesenseFX is free on youtube, indicator trading with money management and trading psychology.
Most are free although he does sell an ebook for the psychology part.
Kreil teaches his method of investing 1-3month duration, more on volatility and not much indicator heavy, expensive.
These are the only two I’ve gone through. The others I haven’t heard of.