Feeling trapped...Guidance somebody?

Thank you first of all
I’ll quickly jump to the point.
But first this is what am dealing with.
I knew and started learning about trading on the 17th of December 2019 from a friend,who later gave me a book titled “TRENDLINE TRADING STRATEGY
SECRETS REVEALED” after I finished it I went to read “Follow Price Action Trends” By Laurentiu Damir also some mini books and articles. In addition I finished my pipsology with a distinction🤧 which covered a lot of things I learnt on the internet. I have written 3 different strategies and after backtesting they were okay but not satisfying either am in a 1:3risk trade that risks more than my profit(based on my rules) or my rules form up twice in a year of which I win but 2 trades in a year with only 150 pips😩
Yah but anyway it has been a self actualizing moment during backtesting and demo accounts *I leant it takes A LOT of patience and practice.
So not to bore you:
I wrote this to ask for guidance and direction.
I think I need a Mentor but am abit broke for that now,so for now what can I do while am searching for money(“to give my mentor”) I tried the telegram chat group but am not for the idea of some doing it for me. I want to learn.
So am just stuck and in doubt I make a strategy that won’t work that’s a waste of time I feel and as a beginner I feel like there’s no way I can come up with a strategy that going to be good enough (am always thinking “what do I know,what ever am trying to do was probably tried by someone else”)
-Help me with honest opinions on what I should do or if I haven’t read enough suggest some books?
-suggest some habits or practices?
I have been thinking of trying live with small money.
Anything you did when you felt stuck and like this isn’t going anywhere?
Any thing you feel I didn’t ask but you want to answer please do so.
Thank you once again.

Hi, check this topic about discretionary and automatic trading. Regards Greg

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You’re doing just fine. I would not expect you to be able to create winning strategies with just 2 months of learning.

Search for “market structure trading” on YouTube. Remove all indicators from your charts and learn to trade the naked chart. It will take several months of screen time and trading (demo only please) before you become proficient at this.

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It took me 6 months to invent my strategy which I’m currently forward testing. I like the energy you have base on the fact that you are not interested in signal. You really want to learn how to catch fish and you will. That strategy will come if you do these

  1. Don’t give up, the feeling of giving up we’ll come but in the next five years you will thank yourself you didn’t

  2. Don’t go far away from babypips. Read as much as you can. When a thread of over 1k comment is drawn on you to read don’t hesitate. You will feel the energy and excitement especially after reading the first fifty comments. Don’t force yourself to read 1k+ comment if the excitement isn’t present. You will feel it, a very rare feeling of zeal to finish that read. As if your life depends on it.

  3. Don’t let a day pass you by without opening your charts. There is a reason for this. The force has to be with you to keep moving.

  4. You want a strategy? Watch YouTube video on various strategy and play with them on demo. You won’t use them at the end. The main purpose is to feed your subsconscious on the necessity and importance of getting a strategy of your own. If you want your personal strategy feed your eyes with various strategies.

  5. Don’t give up

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Thank you🙏🏽

It’s our pleasure

There are various free ways of learning forex trading. No need to panic, keep yourself active on some forums and read some easy good books which you can simply search online.
learning will take time and good results will take even more time, so keep calm and keep learning and practising.I hope that helps you. best of luck!

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