Female traders ... and why so few of us

I’m a female trader. What I just don’t understand is why are there so few of us?

Women are generally MUCH better traders than men are (sorry fellows, it’s true we aren’t just better, we’re a lot better) and yet so few of us do it.

To any of my female compadres … any idea why there are so few of us women that trade? Seems to me that if you’re a stay at home mom with a decent level of education that trading is really sort of made for you.

Just curious as to what your opinions might be.


Interest comment :grin:

How did you come to that conclusion?

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LOL , yeah they are better a lot better traders , that’s why they don’t even trade.

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You might be onto something. Is it possible more of the potential bad traders don’t bother trading at all? However, this is speculation. Still waiting for data from the OP to support her conclusion. :eyeglasses:

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Well, lets see what data she provides to back her claim.


I came to that conclusion because the data supports that it’s true. I can provide a reference if you like.


It is so much the truth that women are better traders that Wall Street no longer even questions it anymore. Women are better traders. Sorry if that injures your masculine pride but it is true.

I could give you DOZENS more resources to back up the claim if you like.


Our company has over 800 employees worldwide, and roughly half are women. Furthermore, the President of FOREX.com is a woman.

We have no masculine pride to injure, only a healthy curiosity. Thanks for the articles.

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No kidding? From the way I understand it that’s actually really rare.

I find VERY few female traders, it’s why I asked why there are so few of us.

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The place I used to work in had about a third women and two thirds men.

They did like offering trading positions to women when they could.

It’s one of these things where it can easily look like few women are being employed, but maybe that’s because there are very few female applicants?

Among non-institutional traders, as with everything else, there’s no sure way of knowing or proving it, because there are no reliable or official figures available.

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Thanks for your reply. How I look at the number of traders is the make up of the people on the forums. I am in just two of them and both are overwhelmingly male dominated … 98% men at least it seems that way to me.

I have less than zero interest n a high stress job working a trading floor. They couldn’t pay me enough for that crap. Again, thanks.

That’s very sensitive and perceptive of you.

I’m a member of the same two as you, but I can’t tell what the proportion of female members is, in either.

These are just fake reports , if women are that good then why don’t they hire women for trading and just fire men , in this way they will be getting better results.

Each individual have their own set of skills and qualities , so you can say some women are better then some men in trading.

Don’t believe in every shit you see feminism has its own agenda.


The release listed five possible reasons why women generally do better at financial spread betting, those being:

  • Men hate to be wrong and take longer to admit that they have made an error;

  • Women are better in a crisis and less emotional because, contrary to popular belief, female traders are more disciplined and less likely to panic;

  • Women can more easily say no and sometimes the best trades are the ones you do not make;

  • Women read the manual, stick to a strategy and question things that they are uncertain of; and,

  • finally, women are measured as opposed to jumping in head first - which men are apparently prone to doing.

After reading these articles its hard to believe that people accept these articles as facts.


Well, forex.com is actively hiring more women to the point they are now half of their employee workforce.

Secondly many wall street firms are trying to hire more women but there’s the problem of not very many women picking the profession (hence the question in the OP). It’s a similar problem in a lot of the STEM fields where doors are wide open to women but there’s just not very many women in those fields either.

You quoted a single article that listed the reasons why the facts might be what they are … and then questioned the underlying facts? Seriously? That’s what you got? You know I posted TWO other links that contain the actual data right? If you like I can post a landslide of more links that shows that women in general make better traders.

This shouldn’t bother you the way it apparently does.

Look, I’m not going to sit around and say that women can be just as good at football, or MMA, or even NASCAR or Formula 1 … or even should be in combat (no, they shouldn’t it’s retarded).

But women actually are better at some things than men, this is one one of them, get over yourself.


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Well good luck with your facts.

There are no scientifically proven facts or data which support that claim.
Lets suppose these articles are true then according to demand and supply rule more and more women should be adopting this profession , but that’s not happening and may be it will not happen in future why?because no reality in these fake articles.

Just look at the publishing date 2012 , 5 years passed since this article published you see any increase in women traders nope.

Another way to look at it could be, “Why aren’t more women interested in trading?”

It’s been a long, long while since I’ve attended one, but if you go to those free trading conferences you’ll see that there are significantly more men that women who go to learn something about trading or to get started. These days, I’m sure it’s likely a more balanced attendance, but I’m also guessing that it’s a high probability there’s still more men than women.

Until you get the same number of women interested in trading as the number of men who give it a shot, it’s likely that number will be skewed.

Well, that’s my two pips.


At the end of the day there are no barriers to entry in this career - If women want to take part then they can, just like men. No one can choose or influence who gets to ‘the top’ of their game, be it a male or a female. Your own success is down to what you do, and only what you do.

So make the most of it… This is the only industry where men and women really do have truly equal rights.


So the fact that there actually are facts and data which support the claim is irrelevant to you. Got it. Facts should never stand in the way of a good opinion?

As for your “supply and demand” statement … if it were that simple women would be rushing into STEM professions and they aren’t doing that either now are they? Sort of makes your entire point nonsense. Want to try again and make a logical point?

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