Female traders ... and why so few of us

It’s a subjective comment (like most of the rest, above) but I know fewer women traders than men. I’d say, overall, though, that the women do tend to be better and more reliable traders. Part of the reason for that appearance might be that it’s still a slightly harder industry for women to succeed in, and to be given the opportunities they deserve, so only the best succeed enough to become noticeable in the first place.

Quite right. Only the most pedantic nowadays actually speak like that. Or academics which is often the same thing. I dont. I have my own problems.

I think it has to do with what type of trading, most trading is done on short time periods, so the more aggressive nature of men make them better for that type of trading. While female investors/traders are looking for long term returns, which makes them better traders as everyone knows the long term investor does better over time than the day trader. Also women run the finances in most homes, and do most of the purchasing. So they just need to invest in what they buy


Usually I would short cut a long username. e.g. pmh for pipmehappy, but in this instance I suspect that you will overcome what are not your ‘own’ problems.

They are merely problems that you are confronting - never take ownership :slight_smile:


Except your high self-esteem and bragging what is definitely a solid argument, I can cite better patience and maybe lesser susceptibility to gambling. But women lose on abstract thinking, math, operating with several objects simultaneously in mind, etc.

An impact from stress can also be different in men and women. Psychological resistance plays also crucial role in trading especially when you manage funds or trade for a living what creates additional pressure.

Peterma, thank you for that thought. I take note

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There is no reason for it because it’s about personal choice to make. If men are more comfortable doing trading then that’s what it is, I don’t think there is any stopping for female traders to do it, but if they don’t then it’s down to personal pick. I feel this is ideal business for EVERYONE and that’s especially to do with the mobile platform through which one can work from anywhere in the planet.

Bumping up this thread, which may be of interest to others…

I talked trading and finance with women in RL, but they mostly ignore it. It just doesn’t ignite their passion. One woman I dated said she “hated numbers”.

But with guys, even if they don’t trade, we can discuss tangential subjects like bitcoin or the economy.

I suppose there is an element of competition amongst guys. “If Joe Schmoe can trade, so can I!”

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Kevin, good to see that you are still around! There are a lot of misconceptions around ‘numerical aptitude’, but I would argue that it is not mathematical or financial subjects/topics that put off some women: rather, it is the cultural and almost tribal way in which men have historically built their identity around STEM areas of knowledge. In reverse, ballet and hairdressing are traditionally unattractive subjects for men, by and large,because they have been overwhelmingly populated by women; equally, women feel less inclined to go into all-male, or prevalently male environments. Finance per se is not unattractive to women, just like ‘numbers’ or ‘science’, or ‘tech’: it often starts with personal introductions from school friends and university graduates or family members. We often hear of fathers in financial jobs introducing their offspring to a finance pathway: if more fathers of mixed-gender offspring introduced both sons and daughters to their so-called ‘male’ interests it would do a lot to normalise certain cultural spheres to women, rather than leaving it up to them to discover them on their own, later in life. A lot of teachers and parents still feel that boys and girls are to be steered in different directions, which then leaves employers or colleges and universities in a pickle,because by then those children have already become conditioned into thinking that some topics/areas of study are unappealing to them. Humans are highly social beings: if you socialise a child in a way that normalises their exposure to an area considered ‘beyond’ their gendered abilities, they will be much more likely to want to engage with that area of knowledge later in life in a theoretical way, because intellectual curiosity toward something is usually born not in a vacuum but through an individual’s engagement with another human being who opens their eyes to the beauty of, and fascination with, that something.
What would you say about it?

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There are many female traders in here and they are earning more and more in it, though we need more female trader as many of the Forex Traders in here, see them as the competition, and if they took it like that, there would form a good strategies in here.

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I’m no expert, but I think there are so few women in trading cause they’re less risky than men.

I don’t believe that they are there because of the risks, they are just few because some of them are just ignorant and thus if they would be introduced in here to the Forex Trading in here, they are going to become more successful in Forex.

I think from a psychological perspective, trading appeals to the “hunter” within and males tend to have this instinct rather more strongly than females, who on an evolutionary basis tended to be “Nurturer gatherers”.

That isn’t to say there are no female hunters, poker players and traders, some good ones too. It just doesn’t appeal to as many females as males imho, because of the evolutionary nature of our psychology.

Nobody “should be in combat…” - However if there are goingto be people forced to go and shoot or be shot, then any society which values Equality - should ensure the balance of sexes being forced to do so, represents the balance of sexes within the population of course.

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There may be many reasons resulting the few female traders in Forex. Like ignorance, which is the major one, also much females aren’t that much compatible of using a computer and which again make very difficult for them to learn about the Forex and also many of them are housewife, which again results into less females trading with Forex.


I don’t think your analysis is correct.

[edit - Not in the western hemisphere at least ! - I don’t know where you are from, but I think you will be finding a new perspective soon, wherever it is ! :slight_smile: ]

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Very recent - Evolutionary processes seem also now to exclude men entirely from becoming teachers, something which whilst never “Gender neutral” did used to have a reasonable number of very good male teachers of passion and ability (amongst the “chaff”).

Yes I agree, “Nurture” is at least as important as “Nature” in the production of the person, But that also brings on questions of policy and “improvement” in policies towards the population as a whole, which must not be discussed here except possibly in PMs.

Good and thoughtful post :slight_smile:

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Thanks Falstaff! It is a bit of a minefield!

I wouldn’t say that my perspective is wrong, but yeah, mine is a bit different from others, but it is not wrong. We all have our own mindsets and you should appreciate all of them, to believe and not is all up to you. You should share your mindsets.in here instead of making fun of other people’s thinking.