Few questions pls help

hi , I am in demo a/c. Want to chk my demo a/c already finished
with trading balance and how I can start start again from staring
balance . I feel very interesting to play with the demo a/c and my knowledge in demo a/c increased. I am now learning a candle stick
and Its really fun. Do anyone know where the website I can go through
a live candle stick daily charting with hourly/daily/monthly/yearly charting.
Really a Japanese candle stick. I m using a FXCM but then also I need a live Candle stick charting from other second website.
Next, I have a question about a pip value for stop loss. Because when I chk the FXCM platform the pip value for the stop loss automaticly inserted
to the platform. What are the min pip value I can insert & what are the best strategy 20 pip/ 30 pip or more ,which are the best value to put in.
Anf how about the limit value , 20/30/ 30 /40 which are best to insert .
Can I follow 20 pip extra , for example for buy for the limit value.
Next. let say if i want to make a short trade . For example 30 min trade
with stop loss & limit order . I want to take profit/risk from the trade ,once i close the trade , can I immedetely take the profit and do they insert
the amout to my bank a/c , How they transfer the money how many day its take to take the fund. Thanks for dv.

I can not stress enough the important of risk management. Only risk 1% of your equity on a single trade. As in resking equity of your demo account oanda seems to be the easiest or any MT4 platform. With MT4 you can just create a new account with as much or as little green back as your little heart desires. Not sure if you can add and remove funds with MT4, however, you can with Oanda. I suggest you demo with whatever broker you plan on using in the long run.