Fibonacci EA 38% & 50% Buy/Sell Limit

Hello! I would like to know if someone can help me to create an EA of this strategy that I explain below.
The conditions are the following:

1- Timeframe: From 1H, No less.
2- ZigZag sections with 30 depth. (30.5.3). The sections must be greater than X Pips, (Eligible Parameter).
3- It is better if it is in the direction of the current trend. Elliot wave impulses 2 - 3 or 4 - 5. It is not mandatory, but it works better in these cases.

Once the stretch of the ZigZag reaches the number of pips established as distance of section:

4- Fibonacci painted in this section, with 38%, 50% and 61% retracement levels.
5- Create Orders SELL / BUY Limit only at levels 38% and 50%
6- TP is the distance between 50% and 38% in pips in both operations.
7- SL at 61% level both operations.

I leave Images to understand the strategy a little more visually.

Thank you in advance!!!




This indicator would be great to do for this strategy. Fibonacci with some modifications…

Instead of making an EA to do automatic trading, it would be better to do it to make the operations more comfortable.

Once you determine that it is a good time to execute orders, have a button that creates the operations and calculate the SL and TP depending on the distance between fibonacci boxes. Pressing sell or buy would create pending operations.


Entry 38% & 50%
TP 161.8%

How about SL

i like the idea of a fib ea sounds well good, the inputs for the fib retracement and tp could be individualised for peoples preference but never seen this type of EA made so will be great to see if you come up with any thing even if it was a manual input from the low to the high and wait for retracement level to hit before it auto puts a buy order on