Fidelcrest Trading Challenge with 70% profit share - anyone tried?

Hello fellow traders,

I came across Fidelcrest Challenge when googling for prop trading companies and they seem intresting.

I’ve already signed up but not purchased a Challenge yet and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Apparently they already have several clients who have passed their trading challenge and are now trading investor funds.

I can share my experience with them as well after I’ve traded with them for awhile.

So far their customer support has been very helpful so that’s encouraging and I’ve read some good things about them from another big Forex forum.

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Looks like a scam. I dont understand why they’re charging you money to do the challenge. It doesnt make sense. Looks like a method of making money from sucking people in to do the challenges. Save your money and stay away from them.

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I have traded with other prop firms on funded accounts in the past and I find that Fidelcrest challenge has the best overall system and fair rules. Also the profit sharing payout is paid in one day. If you are looking for funding for your trading, Fidelcrest is definitely a good choice!

Definitely a scam. One of the Fidelcrest founders, Jussi Hallikas is a convicted criminal and a known fraudster in Finland.

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Did you trade with Fidelcrest in the end? Are they legitimate?


Hello tombarker.

Yes, I traded their challenge last year and got a funded account without issues. But I didn’t manage to trade the funded account long enough to withdraw because I managed to hit DD limit first.

I took a quick look again at their website and they now have only one step evaluation, before they had 2 steps.
Might give them another try, because I really like their client support + they actually seem to be honest about the fact that they will connect you with real funds (although it’s still a demo account - trades are copied to live account which is owned by the investor).

They also seem to allow holding positions over weekend, which is perfect for my trading strategy.

I suppose one just needs to fallow the rules and reach the profit target.

Let me know how it goes with them so we can share our experience.

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Hi, are you trading with fidelcrest still? Let us know how it is.

I have recently attempted a 50k challenge with them. All was going well, I was up 8.77%, until I fat fingered 5 lots on gold and broke the margin limits. So that ended that but I plan to go again

I wish you all the best in the next challenge. Please help me understand about their margin rules. I rerad but didn’t understand.

@ Rickster99

Here’s why,
The fee is mainly to raise more trading capital for Fidelcrest traders who have passed the Trading Challenge but it also covers our trader monitoring expenses and serves as a trader’s commitment to treat the account with utmost responsibility. A trader has something in the game and the trader monitoring team is working. Also, the fee is just a marginal percentage compared to the account size that you will receive from us and our investors. In other words, the fee is a key towards a funded Professional Fidelcrest account and to gain financial independence. The good news is that you cannot lose more than this fee. On top of that, the Challenge fee will be refunded back to you with your first profit withdrawal from the funded Professional account.