Fighting Climate Change: Cardano Foundation Plants Over 1M Tree

The organization plants a tree every time Cardano users exchange ADA for TREE token.

Hi, this is an amazing revelation, and an attestation to the power that crypto and NFTs can have in the world. I have been “paying forward” our personal family CO2 production since 2013 when I figured out how I could do that. It started off at about £85 per year, and has now shrunk to less than a third of that amount as our “personal contribution to CO2 production” has dropped by nearly 70% from 21 tonnes per year to less than 6 tonnes per year. This is due to
(a) no flights for the past two years
(b) installing 4kWp capacity of solar panels, which have just paid for themselves 8 years after installation and now provide about £1,000 of free electricity to our home
© a dramatic reduction in road mileage in the past two years, and substitution of cars in the family for those doing more mpg than their predecessors
(d) choosing an energy provider who provides 100% renewable energy (electricity) and how pays carbon offsets for the equivalent of 100% gas energy as carbon credits.

Being an electrical engineer in the oil and gas industry for 40 years, I now know it makes economic sense to invest in renewables, not just because somebody else tells me so, but because I put my money where my mouth is.

I will do some further research and may even buy some TREE tokens. ADA is cheap enough right now and I am looking to increase our holding anyway.

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