Finally here to gain another emerging new skill!

Many thoughts before registering into babypips, I have a pretty decent knowledge of forex but came here after looking at the crypto school tab … BP is it still under beta? or you forget to remove that beta tag from the header???

Thanks tho for this section, I came here to study more about cryptos in detail.

I think cause it’s new! How long have you been trading crypto? That’s awesome you’re still interested in the space despite the carnage that’s happened.

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I am not trading cryptos, first I will understand how this cryptic thing works and then after some time if seems good to me, will jump into it.

Nice! I love how you’re being smart about this! Do you have any other trading experience? :slight_smile:

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Yes I did forex last year-2022 and this year I took a break for a few months to understand the forex sentiments . Usually economies are under BOP stress in the first quarter and major economies reset their financial cycle after first quarter.

What’s BOP?

Oh pretty recent!

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