Finally I’m here

Hi, my name is Peter, I’m still a novice on forex lol but I’m hoping with the community I can learn more thanks.

Welcome aboard this great education site. Best of luck on your journey to eventual success.

education is really important there is no way to deny but besides this is more appropriate to make sure the best trading practice session , so traders should focus on there first of all.

hi and welcome to baby pips. hope for the best.

for learning in a proper way it is more appropriate to start with psychology of school including a practice account.

success is a short time trading approach , it will not stay for sure , so we the traders should increase our trading experience.

hope for the best for your success journey . happy trading , stay cool always.

Welcome Peter! I hope you’re enjoying your learning with all the free resources here. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the community. Good luck!

the psychology of school + trading in a demo account = the best result for the traders who are above all beginners.

this course is really good but honestly speaking beginners got nothing from pips school , because they just take knowledge as like a skip through approach . minimum they should finish this level for 2 times.