Finding a Broker... Which do i choose?!

Hello all at BP, hope you’re all doing good in life & in the trading world!
I’d like some help choosing a broker. my problem is I can’t find a broker online that doesn’t have a bad review against its name. for example, a friend recommended UFXMarkets to me, but then I found their review on Forexpeacearmy & it says they’re a scam company & to steer well clear. Then i read that Alpari US is a good broker, currently running a good promotion where you can open a pro account with $2000 rather than the usual $10k minimum. so I go looking for reviews & can’t find anything positive on them. This has happened with a few that I research. Then I find out that many of the reviews might not actually be genuine, either non-genuine bad reviews from other brokers, or other fakes reviews from people based in the same country as the broker etc etc… so I’m completely stuck.
I’d just like to know whats your experience with brokers & who would you recommend!?!
I’m looking to open a mini account with AU$5000
Thanks Pippers?!(lol)

I think you’re going to be hard pressed to find a broker who has only good reviews. Most of those complaints are from traders who blame everything they lost on the broker not themselves because they had no plan, no money management and thought all they had to do is press a couple of buttons and get rich.

You’ll also find it you list a broker you’ve been thinking about, you’ll probably get better responses. The ones you’ve already listed in your op are pretty active on the different forums and have been around for a time, so like I said if you took the time and investigated those complaints you’ll find most are BS.

We have a guide that should help you choose a forex broker. Check it out!

i suggest demo trading with some of them…

personally i’ve tried using FXCM and Oanda… I wouldn’t say that they’re perfect but for the most part, they get the job done.

Every broker has good and bad reviews, there are a lot of reason cause it. But I recommend you HotForex with a lot of good feedbacks. I have traded with this broker for one year and you can see it’s a decent broker.

Cool, Thanks guys… appreciate the replies, I’ll let you know who I decide to go with!

If you got $10K, then choose citi pro. It may be a hustle on the account opening process, but they are
the best

I have good experiences with Pepperstone, I recommend them.

I’ve played around with Citi FX too. It’s got a nice platform as well.

Hope you make a good choice and trade well!

i’ve tried Oanda and CitiFX and have had positive experiences with both. only downside with CitiFX is no positive carry (unlike Oanda).

I’m just a newbie in forex, 4 some time tried several companies. Now choose Roboforex, studied free analytics, video tutorials, but didn’t stand some moments. So ask the line support, thx to Dmitriy B for help. It’s pleasant to have a welcome bonus.